Which bank has sort code 087199?

Which bank has sort code 087199?

Aps Financial
Bank Sort Code Examples

Sort Code Institution Name
087199 Aps Financial
608371 Starling Bank
401276 Hsbc
231470 Transferwise

Who owns APS Financial Ltd?

About Cashplus and APS Cashplus cards are issued by Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd (APS) pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Advanced Payment Solutions Limited (APS), trading as Cashplus Bank, is registered in England and Wales at 6th Floor, One London Wall, London EC2Y 5EB (No. 04947027).

How do you find bank branch location with an account number?

Through an IFSC code, you can easily find out your bank branch. The 11 digit IFSC code provides you with the bank branch by visiting the official bank website or calling their helpline number. You provide them with the IFSC code, and they will share with you the bank branch.

Where is the sort code?

You can typically find your sort code on bank statements and in your online or app banking. Many banks also print the sort code on the front or back of the bank card together with the account number.

How do I find my branch address from account number?

At the help-desk, tell your account number, show your ID card, and ask for your branch. The branch code is generally a part of the account number, so a bank official can easily tell you your branch. They can also check it in their system.

Where is my sort code?

Just like your account number, your 6-digit sort code should be printed on your bank card and on your bank statements and communications, or featured on the account overview page of your online banking or app.

Where is sort code in Iban?

A Republic of Ireland IBAN is made up of 22 characters. The middle 6 digits are the Sort Code of the beneficiary bank and the last 8 digits are the Account Number.

Who are APS Ltd?

APS Financial Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on seamless banking services solution. APS Financial Ltd offers business current accounts with debit cards, personal current accounts with debit cards, business credit cards, personal credit cards to natural persons, business entities.

What bank is APS Financial Ltd?

Cashplus Bank, the trading name of Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd., is a UK digital bank. The company provides business and personal bank accounts, overdrafts, credit cards and alternative lending products.

How do you find a sort code?

You can find your sort code and account number in one of the following places: On your Barclays debit card – they’re usually on the front under your name (see the graphic below). (1) is where you’ll find the 6-digit sort code, (2) is your account number. On your Barclays Mobile Banking accounts…

How do you Find Your sort code and account number?

Your account number and sort code Tap the Home icon in the menu bar Tap ‘Manage’ to the right of your transaction feed. If you can’t see that, tap on ‘Account’ under your card.) Find your sort code and account number under Account Details

What are bank sort codes?

The SORT code is the bank code used by both British and Irish banking industry to route money transfers between banks within these countries through their respective clearance organizations. It is a six digit number that identifies both bank and branch, where the account is held. The sort code comprises of 6 characters.

What is US bank sort code?

A bank account sort code is a six-digit number that is used in the United Kingdom and Ireland to identify the specific bank and branch where an account is held. The number is most commonly displayed as three pairs of numbers, each two digits in length.