What happened to Rachel on Family Matters?

What happened to Rachel on Family Matters?

Rachel is seen throughout the first four seasons, before the actress who played her moved over to another sitcom called Getting By. Getting By was canceled and she returned to Family Matters after a year’s absence. Rachel’s trademark was hats. Her final appearance was in Deck the Malls.

Who died from Family Matters 2021?

actress Michelle Thomas
Television actress Michelle Thomas, 30, a co-star on the sitcom “Family Matters,” died Dec. 22 after a struggle with stomach cancer. On stage, the young actress starred in Betsey Brown at the American Music Theatre Festival in Philadelphia. Ms.

Why was Judy removed from Family Matters?

Foxworth was fired from Family Matters due to budgetary considerations, according to the show’s creator William Bickley, and she would later deal with recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Who was Laura’s guardian angel on Family Matters?

So, Laura’s guardian angel, Tyrone (T. K. Carter) grants her wish and Urkel becomes Steve Winslow (in the alternate reality version). However there’s a catch to her wish: she must walk a mile in his shoes as Laura Urkel so she’ll find out what’s it like to have her feelings hurt and teach her a lesson.

Who died from family matters?

Michelle THomas
Of course, White’s character, Steve Urkel, proved to be more than a one-shot appearance, going on to become one of the most iconic sitcom characters of all-time. White also remembered his late costar, Michelle THomas, who died in 1998 of stomach cancer at age 30.

What was family matters a spinoff of?

Perfect Strangers
Family Matters/Predecessors

History. The series was a spinoff from the ABC sitcom Perfect Strangers; both shows aired Friday nights on ABC’s primetime slot called “TGIF”. Jo Marie Payton played Harriette Winslow, the elevator operator at a newspaper where Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous also worked.

Who are Michelle’s parents?

Dennis D.T. Thomas
Phynjuar Thomas
Michelle Thomas/Parents

Is Michelle Thomas death?

December 23, 1998
Michelle Thomas/Date of death

Do you ever see Steve Urkel’s parents?

9 STEVE URKEL’S RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS FAMILY His parents are never seen, and we’re introduced to his cousin Myrtle Urkel who doesn’t live in the state. At one point during the series, Steve’s parents up and move to Russia, causing the Winslows to take pity on him and move him into their household.

Is Myrtle Urkel Steve?

White played the very sexy Stefan Urquelle in later seasons who appeared in dozens of episodes. He also played Steve’s cousins Cornelius Eugene and Myrtle Urkel as well as Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, and Elvis Presley. However, White’s portrayal of Myrtle Urkel caused him the most grief.

How old is Kellie Williams?

45 years (March 22, 1976)
Kellie Shanygne Williams/Age

Who is Jaleel White family?

Samaya White
Bridget HardyMichael WhiteGail White
Jaleel White/Family

How old is Laura Winslow from Family Matters?

Laura Lee Winslow (born May 23, 1976) is a main character and soon one of the main attractions in later seasons on the hit ABC/CBS sitcom, Family Matters. She was portrayed by Kellie S. Williams. Laura’s original name in a draft of the Perfect Strangers episode Crimebusters, is Felicia Winslow.

Who is Harriette Winslow on Family Matters?

Family Matters was a spin-off of the sitcom Perfect Strangers, and that is where we are first introduced to the character of Harriette Winslow, played by Jo Marie Payton. The wife of Carl Winslow and the mother of Eddie, Laura and Judy, Harriette Winslow is the boss of the house.

Who is the mother of Carl Winslow on Family Guy?

The Winslow family weren’t the kind of people to turn anyone away – so it makes sense that the mother of Carl, and grandmother of Eddie, Laura, and Judy, would move in when her husband passed away. We’re glad she did though, as Estelle Winslow – known as Mother Winslow – is one of the stars of the show.

What happened to Judy on ‘Family Matters’?

In the first four seasons of Family Matters, the Winslows had three kids: Eddie, Laura, and little Judy, portrayed by Jaimee Foxworth. Then the character disappeared, never seen or even mentioned again. Did Steve Urkel erase her existence with one of his crazy gadgets?