What is the meaning of galjoen?

What is the meaning of galjoen?

Definition of galjoen : a compressed deep-bodied percoid food and sport fish (Dichistius capensis) common in shallow water and surf along the coasts of southern Africa also : any of several related fishes —often used with a qualifying term.

Is the galjoen a game fish?

The galjoen is a game fighter. The diet of the galjoen consists mainly of red bait (ascidians), small mussels and barnacles. The scales are very firmly attached.

Can you eat galjoen?

The WWF South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) lists both galjoen species as Red – i.e. as a consumer, you should not buy or consume either species of galjoen purchased in South Africa.

How big does a galjoen get?

Description. This species can reach 80 cm (31 in) in total length and a weight of 6.5 kg (14 lb). The body is compressed, and the fins are well developed, with prominent spines, 10 of them, with between 18 and 23 rays.

Is the galjoen endangered?

Conservation: Due to overfishing the galjoen is becoming scarce and catches are limited as it is a threatened species. The Galjoen is listed as Red on SASSI’s Consumer Seafood List and the IUCN Red List Status of this fish has not yet been evaluated.

What do galjoen eat?

that galjoen eat primarily seaweeds, ascidians, small mussels and barnacles.

What does the galjoen fish eat?

Why was the galjoen chosen as a national symbol?

The Galjoen was chosen as the country’s national fish because it is only found along the coast from Namibia to Durban, and nowhere else in the world. The Galjoen changes colour, depending on where it is swimming. Near rocks it is almost completely black, while in sandy areas the colour changes to silver-bronze.

How do you catch galjoen in Namibia?

Give the Galjoen sufficient time to bite firmly, let your rod tip down and be patient before striking. The Galjoen is a strong fighter. Take your time and reel it in gently or else you are likely to tear the hook out of it’s mouth. Use the swell to reel the fish in and do not lift it out of the water.

What kind of fish is a galjoen?

The galjoen, black bream, or blackfish (Dichistius capensis) is a species of marine fish found only along the coast of southern Africa from Angola to South Africa.

Where do galjoen live in Africa?

Distribution and habitat Galjoen at Rocky Bay The galjoen is indigenous to the coasts of southern Africa from Angola to South Africa, and is generally found around reefs at shallow depths around 10 m (33 ft), often near the shore.

What are the conditions for galjoen to form?

Conditions for galjoen are ideal when the following factors come into play; colour of the water, foamy water, constant even breaking waves, water temperature, washed open holes, proximity of rocks and the wind direction.

Why do people like galjoen so much?

A galjoen’s uniqueness as an eating fish is a result of a high fat and blood content. Pretty much the same reason we like duck, I’d say.