Is Mini Wheats high in sugar?

Is Mini Wheats high in sugar?

Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size You may think 12 grams of sugar sounds a bit high, but compared to other kids’ cereals with 15 to 20 grams of sugar, Frosted Mini Wheats’ sugar content isn’t bad, considering the fiber content.

Is Shredded Mini Wheats healthy?

Frosted Mini-Wheats are healthy with all of those vitamins and minerals, but you should watch out for their sugar content. The “frosted” part means that each serving has 11 grams of sugar. On the whole, Frosted Mini-Wheats have a lower overall sugar content than many other types of breakfast cereals.

How much sugar is in Strawberry Mini Wheats?

Per 25 Biscuit Serving: 190 calories; 0 g saturated fat (0% DV); 10 mg sodium (0% DV); 12 g sugars.

How many grams is a cup of Mini Wheats?

Kellogg, Co.

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1 cup (51g)
How many calories are in Frosted Mini Wheats? Amount of calories in Frosted Mini Wheats: Calories 179 Calories from Fat 8.1 (4.5%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Frosted Mini Wheats? Amount of fat in Frosted Mini Wheats: Total Fat 0.9g

Is 12g of sugar a lot?

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day are ( 9 ): Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons) Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons)

How much sugar is in Frosted Mini Wheats?

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving Cereal with 3/4 cup skim milk
Calories 210 270
Total Sugars 12 g
Includes 12g Added Sugars 12 g 24%
Protein 5 g 16%

Can a diabetic eat Frosted Mini Wheats?

People with diabetes who want to enjoy cereal should consider the following options: Lower-sugar cereals. Steer clear of cereals that manufacturers market to children, which tend to contain a lot of sugar. Frosted cereals offer little nutritional value.

Which cereal has the least amount of sugar?

RANKED: These are the breakfast cereals with the least sugar

  • All Bran Buds: 18 g. (People generally eat this high-fiber cereal in smaller servings, however.)
  • Quaker Real Medleys: 14 g.
  • Raisin Bran: 13.5 g.
  • Go Lean Crunch: 13 g.
  • Cap’n Crunch: 12 g.
  • Cocoa Krispies: 12 g.
  • Krave: 11 g.
  • Lucky Charms: 10 g.

How much sugar does Frosted Mini Wheats have?

What cereal is low in sugar?

How much sugar is in a cup of Frosted Mini Wheats?

Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG’S FROSTED MINI-WHEATS, original, 1 cup

Protein (g) 5
Carbohydrate, by difference (g) 41
Energy (kcal) 174.93
Sugars, total (g) 10
Fiber, total dietary (g) 5.1

How much sugar is OK in a day?

Adults should have no more than 30g of free sugars a day, (roughly equivalent to 7 sugar cubes). Children aged 7 to 10 should have no more than 24g of free sugars a day (6 sugar cubes). Children aged 4 to 6 should have no more than 19g of free sugars a day (5 sugar cubes).