What do the flat lines on a heating curve represent?

What do the flat lines on a heating curve represent?

4. Answer: B Explanation: The plateaus or horizontal lines on the graph represent the transition between states of the sample. The first plateau represents the melting (or transition from solid to liquid) and the second plateau represents boiling (or transition from liquid to gas).

What happens to the temperature of water during a phase change?

2: Heating curve for water. As heat is added to solid water, the temperature increases until it reaches 0 °C, the melting point. At this point, the phase change, added heat goes into changing the state from a solid to liquid. Only when this phase change is complete, the temperature can increase.

What happens to the arrangement of water molecules as water melts and freezes?

The arrangement of molecules in water becomes less orderly as water melts and more orderly as water freezes. Each water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. In ice, attractions between water molecules keep the molecules in fixed positions.

How does the specific heat of water affect the oceans?

Water has a higher heat capacity than soil and rock, so the ocean takes much longer to heat and to cool than the land. Coastal areas will generally have more moderate temperatures than inland areas because of the heat capacity of the ocean.

What two phase changes occur between vapor water and liquid water?

Vaporization of a sample of liquid is a phase transition from the liquid phase to the gas phase. There are two types of vaporization: evaporation and boiling. Evaporation occurs at temperatures below the boiling point, and occurs on the liquid’s surface.

What is happening to the water molecules inside the can as it was being heated?

When the water in the can is heated, it changes to steam. This steam fills the can, replacing most of the air that was inside of it. When the inverted can is placed in cold water, the steam condenses, leaving the can mostly empty, and thus with a very low pressure inside of it.