What did Maureen Starkey die from?

What did Maureen Starkey die from?

Maureen Starkey Tigrett/Cause of death

Maureen Starkey Tigrett, former wife of the Beatles’ drummer, Ringo Starr, died on Friday of complications arising after a bone-marrow transplant for treatment for leukemia, hospital officials said. She was 47.

How old was Maureen Starkey when she died?

48 years (1946–1994)
Maureen Starkey Tigrett/Age at death

Why did Maureen Starkey leave Ringo?

Despite the couple’s problems, notwithstanding extramarital affairs, Maureen did not want to divorce Starr, but eventually, on 17 July 1975, their divorce was finalised on the grounds of Starr’s affair with American fashion model Nancy Lee Andrews.

How did Cynthia Lennon die?

Cynthia Lennon died Wednesday of cancer. She was 75. During the years John spent touring the world as a member of the most popular rock group in history, Cynthia was at home raising their son, Julian.

Did Maureen Starkey remarry?

Starr himself admitted that he’d been “a drunk, a wife-beater and an absent father.” After the divorce, Maureen largely kept out of the limelight until her death on December 30, 1994, from complications related to treatment she was receiving for leukemia. By then she had remarried, known as Maureen Cox Starkey Tigrett.

Does Ringo Starr have a wife?

Barbara Bachm. 1981
Maureen Starkey Tigrettm. 1965–1975
Ringo Starr/Wife

Who is Julian Lennons mother?

Cynthia Lennon
Julian Lennon/Mothers
Early life. Julian Lennon was born on 8 April 1963 at Sefton General Hospital in Liverpool to John Lennon and Cynthia Powell. He was named after his paternal grandmother, Julia Lennon, who died five years before his birth. The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, was his godfather.

Why is Barbara Bach called Lady Starkey?

Sir Ringo and Barbara have been together for many years, and Barbara was by her side when he gained his knighthood. Now, Barbara is officially named Lady Starkey due to her husband’s knighthood.