Was Sarah Emma Edmonds married?

Was Sarah Emma Edmonds married?

Linnus. H. Seelyem. 1867–1898
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Where was Emma born?

New Brunswick, Canada
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Sarah Emma Edmondson was born in New Brunswick, Canada in December of 1841. Her father was a farmer who had been hoping for a son to help him with the crops; as a result, he resented his daughter and treated her badly.

Where is Sarah Emma Edmonds buried?

Glenwood Cemetery, Houston, TX
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Where did Sarah Emma Edmonds go to school?

Oberlin College
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What caused Franklin Thompson to desert from the Union Army?

In April 1863, a Civil War soldier known as Franklin Thompson deserted from the Union Army. Thompson was sick with malaria but was afraid to go to an army hospital. In May 1861, one month after the Civil War began, she enlisted in the Second Michigan Infantry.

What is Sarah Edmonds famous for?

Sarah Emma Edmonds (born Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmondson, married name Seelye, alias Franklin Flint Thompson; December 1841 – September 5, 1898) was a Canadian-born woman who claimed to have served as a man with the Union Army as a nurse and spy during the American Civil War.

Who was Sarah Edmonds husband?

Sarah Emma Edmonds/Husband

Did Sarah Emma Edmonds have any siblings?

Edmonds was born in December 1841 in New Brunswick, Canada, then a British colony. The youngest child, she grew up with her sisters and brother, Thomas, on their family’s farm near Magaguadavic Lake, not far from the border with the U.S. state of Maine.

What was Emma’s favorite disguise?

One of her alleged aliases was as a Southern sympathizer named Charles Mayberry. Another was as a black man named Cuff, for which she disguised herself using wigs and silver nitrate to dye her skin.

Who was Sarah Emma Edmonds parents?

Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonson was born in December 1841 in Magaguadavic, New Brunswick province, Canada, one of six children of Isaac and Betsy Edmonson , who were potato farmers. Life was often difficult in the Edmonson family.

Is there a movie about Emma Edmonds?

The Unsexing of Emma Edmonds is a film biography of her remarkable life and military service.

Why did Sarah Rosetta Wakeman join the US Army?

While on her job, she met army recruiters offering a $152 bounty and enlisted on August 30, 1862, using the name Lyons Wakeman and claiming to be 21 years old. The bounty would have been incredible motivation for Wakeman to enlist, being far more than what she could earn as a woman.

Why did Anne Edmonds change her name to Edmonds?

In 1857, to escape the abuse and an arranged marriage, Edmondson left home, changing her name to Edmonds. Edmonds lived and worked in the town of Moncton for about a year, but always fearful that she would be discovered by her father, she decided to immigrate to the United States.

Who was Edith Edmonds?

Edmonds was born in Canada in 1841, but desperate to escape an abusive father and forced marriage, moved to Flint, Michigan in 1856, where she discovered that life was easier when she dressed as a man. Compelled to join the military out of sense of duty, she enlisted in the 2nd Michigan Infantry as a male field nurse.

Why did Ed Edmonds take the name Franklin Thompson?

Edmonds lived and worked in the town of Moncton for about a year, but always fearful that she would be discovered by her father, she decided to immigrate to the United States. In order to travel undetected and to secure a job, she decided to disguise herself as a man and took the name Franklin Thompson.