What rank do you unlock everything in GTA 5 Online?

What rank do you unlock everything in GTA 5 Online?

GTA 5 Online Level Unlocks and Missions

Rank 1 Combat Shotgun Pistol Rockstar Created Jobs
Rank 2 Stunt Jumps Pistol – Clips
Rank 3 Car Mod Shop – Los Santos Customs Pegasus Shops Hold Ups One On One Deathmatch Shooting Range
Rank 4 Pistol – Flashlight

What happens when you complete all stunt jumps in GTA 5 Online?

You get no rewards for completing them all…. You get: New colors in Los Santos Customs (at 5, 10 and 25 jumps) An achievement.

How do you unlock lime green in GTA Online 2021?

[Glitch] Easily get lime green!

  1. First thing to do is load up the rockstar created race “downtown underground.”
  2. Now start the race with traffic off and one lap.
  3. Start the race as usual but be ready to do a stunt jump near here.
  4. When you reach there drive off the overpass and land and you should get +100 RP.

What do you get for finding all 100 action figures?

The real reward for collecting all 100 action figures, however, is a costume of Impotent Rage. The new outfit, which is accompanied by a new haircut, will let players cosplay as the in-game superhero.

How do you unlock Los Santos Customs in GTA Online?

Fully mod a vehicle. You have to beat the story mission “Father/Son” to unlock the car repair shop. You will also need quite a bit of money to fully upgrade a vehicle.

What are the hidden trophies in GTA 5?

Base game

Achievement/Trophy name Gamerscore Requirement
Altruist Acolyte 5 Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.
A Lot of Cheddar 20 Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.
Trading Pure Alpha 10 Make a profit over your total investments in the stock market.
Pimp My Sidearm 10 Fully mod a weapon.

How do you unlock arcade?

The first thing you’ll need to do to get the Arcade is to actually speak with Lester in Mirror Park. After a short scene that details the players and the reasons behind the heist, you’ll be able to access the arcades from the Maze Bank Foreclosures on your phone.