How much is Frankie Sandford worth?

How much is Frankie Sandford worth?

As of 2021, Bridge’s net worth stands at £11 million, the highest of all the members of The Saturdays. Bridge is a bestselling author….

Frankie Bridge
Born Francesca Sandford 14 January 1989 Upminster, London, England
Occupation Singer television personality
Years active 2001–present
Spouse(s) Wayne Bridge ​ ( m. 2014)​

Did Harry Styles date Frankie Sandford?

Styles told the Daily Star Sunday: “I’ve been in love with Frankie ever since I was about eight and she was in S Club Juniors. I even had posters of her.

Who is Frankie Bridge sister?

Victoria Sandford
Frankie Bridge/Sisters

Who Wayne Bridges wife?

Frankie Bridgem. 2014
Wayne Bridge/Wife

Who is Tor Sandford married to?

Tor married James Cook in 2017, and the couple relocated to Bermuda last summer. She still has a close relationship with sister Frankie, who is married to footballer Wayne Bridge. The couple have sons, Parker, five, and Carter, three.

Who was Harry’s first love?

The publication highlights some of Styles’ most prominent relationships and exes, including X Factor presenter Caroline Hand, who was 31 when the then 17-year-old Styles first started dating her.

Who is Frankie bridge husband?

Wayne Bridgem. 2014
Frankie Bridge/Husband

How old is Frankie bridge?

32 years (January 14, 1989)
Frankie Bridge/Age

What does Frankie Bridge’s sister do?

Where is Wayne Bridge now?

He is now retired but played for Chelsea, West Ham, Manchester City and Fulham during his career.

What footballer is Frankie married to?

footballer Wayne Bridge
Frankie Bridge, 32, is married to former English footballer Wayne Bridge who played as a left-back. He made his football debut in 1998 playing for Southampton after graduating from their Academy team.