Is Marth still good?

Is Marth still good?

Overall, Marth’s long reach, excellent combos, and powerful finishers result in him being a very potent character in the current metagame. A Marth player must be wary of his weaknesses and spacing, but due to his low technical learning curve, Marth is an effective character to pick up and play.

Is Marth good in Fire Emblem?

Overall, Marth is an extremely capable unit who should always be utilised, especially since he is a mandatory deployment. His many unique niches, such as the Fire Emblem and the AI targeting him, put Marth from being a good unit to an amazing one. You cannot go wrong with using Marth.

Is Marth better than Lucina?

Conclusion: Overall, whether a person wants to use Lucina or Marth is based on their playstyle. Marth relies on spacing, more defensive play, and early KOs. Marth can be more rewarding if used right, but Lucina’s consistent damage and knockback helps her in certain match-ups.

How old is Marth in smash Ultimate?

sixteen years of age
He is depicted as a heroic prince, sixteen years of age who is forced to flee his home kingdom of Altea after it is attacked. He then leads a rebellion to regain control of his kingdom and save his sister Elice.

Is Marth high tier?

Marth (マルス, Marth) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Hikaru Midorikawa reprises his role as Marth in all regions, with some of his voice clips being reused from Melee. Marth ranks 5th on the Brawl tier list, at the very top of the A- tier, a slight drop from 2nd overall in Melee.

Is Marth the strongest Fire Emblem character?

The more I look at Marth, I feel like there still hasn’t been a Fire Emblem Lord that truly embodies the charisma and resolve that he holds. He may not be the strongest in bodies, but he is definitely the strongest of heart.

Is Marth slower than Lucina?

IIRC, in smash 4, she was considered the worse of the two due to her lack of tippers, especially since they often wanted to play at the same spacing so her reward was generally less in the long run.

Is Marth good SSBU?

4. Marth has been a high-ranking character in all of his appearances in the series, with both Melee and Brawl ranking him as a top tier character, and although SSB4 initially heavily nerfed him, he was significantly buffed by game updates, allowing him to be ranked as top tier once again.

Does Sheik beat Marth?

While marth definitely does edge sheik out in neutral the margin of error on marth’s side feels pretty slim. It feels like a mistake on marth’s end can be disastrous while that doesn’t seem to be the case as often the other way.