How many sprints XR8 made?

How many sprints XR8 made?

XR8 Sprint This was the ultimate expression of the legendary Falcon. A limited release of only 750 Falcon XR8 Sprint models, each individually numbered with an exclusive plaque on the engine. It was a true testament to the passion and drive of the Ford Australia team, making it the most collectable Falcon ever.

When did they stop making XR8?

The last Ford Falcon XR8 was sold in June 2010, powered by a 290kW/520Nm naturally aspirated V8.

How many AU Falcons were produced?

In November 1972 Ford added Australia’s first production four-wheel drive utility to the Falcon range based on the XY. It was the first four-wheel drive passenger vehicle to be designed and built in Australia. Only 432 were ever built.

Is Tickford a FPV?

Tickford Vehicle Engineering (TVE) was responsible for numerous automotive projects and upgrades for Ford Australia between 1991 and 2002. In 2002, the operations changed to Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) coinciding with Tickford’s global operations being bought out by Prodrive. …

How many FG XR6 were made?

What country still manufactures the Ford Falcon?

Ford Australia
The Ford Falcon is a full-sized car that was manufactured by Ford Australia from 1960 to 2016….Ford Falcon (Australia)

Ford Falcon
Manufacturer Ford Australia
Also called Ford Fairmont Ford Futura Ford G6
Production 1960–2016

What year is BF Falcon?

The Ford Falcon (BF) is a full-size car that was produced by Ford Australia from 2005 to 2008. It was the third and final iteration of the sixth generation of the Falcon.

What was the first XR8?

The model range of the first series on sale from August 1991 comprised these variants: GL. S. S XR8.

What engine is in a Au XR8?

What engine is in Ford Falcon (AU) XR8? The Ford Falcon (AU) XR8 has a V 8, Petrol engine with 4942 cm3 / 301.6 cu-in capacity.

What car is Mad Max Interceptor?

Ford Falcon XB GT
Titular character Mad Max’s ride of choice was a 1974 Ford Falcon XB GT, modified with a “Concorde” nose and nicknamed “the Pursuit Special.” The car was built in 1977 for Mad Max , which saw wide release in theatres in 1979.

How many FG GTP were made?

This means there’s only one Victory Gold FG Falcon, and it’s manual. For posterity, there were 237 manuals and 263 automatics built for the total 500. Capicchiano says it isn’t just the paint that makes GT-F 500 special, but the entire process of building the car, which even involved the owner.

How many FG FPV GT were made?

550 GT
The ultimate GT F from Ford Performance Vehicles was fitted with a 5.0-litre ‘Boss 351’ supercharged V8 producing 351kW and 570Nm, sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual. A total of 550 GT F models were made (with 50 going to NZ), and were the most powerful Falcon GTs ever sold.

When did the Ford XR8 Sprint come out in Australia?

1993-1994 Australian ED XR8 Sprint – After the 200kW 25th Anniversary EB GT of 1993, Ford decided to use the same engine (albeit detuned to 195kW) for a limited run XR8. The standard XR8 generated 165kW and was trounced by the lighter and nimbler XR6, but the Sprint clawed back some V8 kudos.

What is the S-XR8 ed sprint?

The S-XR8 (the ‘S’ prefix was dropped for the ED Sprint and altogether with EF) has Marsden’s fingerprints all over it. He conceived the ED Sprint in precisely the idiom of that first S-XR6: understated, mechanically sophisticated, fast and balanced.

How many XR8 manuals were made in Australia?

A total 325 manuals were produced for Australia compared with 425 autos in XR8 Sprint guise. A further 50 units of XR6 Sprint and 100 units of XR8 Sprint were sent across the ditch to New Zealand, with a similar skew towards Winter White and Smoke, and just a single manual Aero Blue and Victory Gold example given to the Kiwis.

What happened to the 300 Ed XR8?

The car compared favourably to the HSV VR Clubsport of the day, which suffered from axle-tramp. 300 ED XR8 Sprints were made, but it never reached the collectability status of the GTs and other legendary Falcons.