What is medial to the scapular?

What is medial to the scapular?

Rhomboid major muscle – its insertion is the medial border (inferior to the spine). This muscle performs elevation and retraction of scapula and it is innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve. Rhomboid minor muscle – it inserts above the scapular spine. It performs actions like elevation and retraction of the scapula.

What is the vertebral level of the medial end of the spine of the scapula?

The medial end of the spine, the root of the spine, lies at the level of the spinous process of the third thoracic vertebra.

What muscles attach the medial border of the scapula to the spine?

The posterior folds of the levator scapulae and the rhomboideus minor muscles were attached to the dorsal surface of the medial border of the bone opposite the supraspinous fossa and the root of the spine respectively, while their anterior flaps gained attachment on the costal surface of the border at the level of the …

What are the 3 borders of spine of scapula?

The scapula is described as having superior, medial, and lateral borders. Posteriorly, the scapula is divided into a supraspinous fossa and infraspinous fossa by the scapular spine.

Where is the scapular spine located?

The spine of the scapula or scapular spine is a prominent plate of bone, which crosses obliquely the medial four-fifths of the scapula at its upper part, and separates the supra-from the infraspinatous fossa

What are the three borders of the scapula?

Like any triangle, the scapula consists of three borders: superior, lateral and medial. The superior border is the shortest and thinnest border of the three. The medial border is a thin border and runs parallel to the vertebral column and is therefore often called the vertebral border. Click to see full answer

What are the processes at the back of the scapula?

At the back of the scapula is the convex and uneven posterior surface which has a protruding ridge of bone ( spine of the scapula) that unevenly separates it into two divisions: the superior supraspinous fossa and the much bigger, inferior infraspinous fossa. Along with the spine, there are two more processes: the coracoid and acromion process.

Where does the trapezius insertion into the scapula?

Inserting on the Scapula. Trapezius muscle – it inserts superiorly along the spine, acromion process, and clavicle. Levator scapulae muscle – they insert into the superior angle and medial border (superior to the spine). Rhomboid major muscle – its insertion is the medial border (inferior to the spine).