How do you use porosity in a sentence?

How do you use porosity in a sentence?

Porosity sentence example

  1. This is due to the porosity of the soil in the former, and the very limited rainfall in the latter.
  2. As a result of the porosity of the rock, many of the wells feel the influence of the sea and exhibit an ebb and flow.

What is porosity with water?

The porosity of the aquifer is the volume of void space to the total volume, typically expressed as a percentage. Effective porosity is the space available for fluid to flow, and is calculated as the volume of interconnected void space to the total volume, typically given as a percentage.

What is the difference between permeability and porosity give an example of each?

Main Difference – Porosity vs. Permeability. Porosity and permeability are both properties of rocks and soil. The main difference between porosity and permeability is that porosity is a measurement of space between rocks whereas permeability is a measurement of how easy it is for fluids to flow between rocks.

How do you use permeability in a sentence?

Permeability sentence example

  1. The first exact experiments demonstrating the changes which occur in the permeability of iron,, 3 Phil.
  2. In regard to water, all soils have two actions – namely, permeability and absorbability.

How do you use water table in a sentence?

Examples of water table in a Sentence. Heavy rainfall has caused the water table to rise. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘water table.

What is the permeability of water?

Permeability to gases See also Knudsen diffusion and constrictivity. For example, measurement of permeability through sandstones and shales yielded values from 9.0×10−19 m2 to 2.4×10−12 m2 for water and between 1.7×10−17 m2 to 2.6×10−12 m2 for nitrogen gas.

What is an example of permeability?

The ability of a substance to allow another substance to pass through it, especially the ability of a porous rock, sediment, or soil to transmit fluid through pores and cracks. An example of permeability is how fast water flows through a porous rock.