What is the Knights punishment in the Wife of Bath?

What is the Knights punishment in the Wife of Bath?

Summary: In the Wife of Bath’s tale, the Knight has raped a young maiden. His punishment for doing so is death; he is to have his head cut off.

What was the knight’s second punishment in the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

English 12 – Canterbury Tales – The Wife of Bath’s Tale

What crime does the knight commit? rape
What does the King want to do to the Knight as punishment? behead him
Who asks for mercy for the Knight? the queen
What question doe sthe Queen ask of the knight? “find out what women want most to be happy”

What was the Knights first punishment?

What was the Knight’s ORIGINAL punishment? PUT TO DEATH.

What is the initial punishment King Arthur orders for the knight?

When King Arthur hears what the knight has done, he orders that the knight should be executed. So the answer to your question is that the king initially orders the death penalty for the knight.

Did the punishment of the knight fit his crime?

“The Wife of Bath’s Tale” makes a point of how the knight’s punishment fits his crime inasmuch as he must yield power over his body, first to the queen and her court, and finally to the hag he must marry.

What is the Knight’s Quest in the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

A knight in King Arthur’s court rapes a young woman. As punishment, the queen sends him on a quest to discover what women most desire. Then, with the knight’s rape of a young woman, it defies those expectations.

What is the answer to the Knight’s riddle?

When the two appear at court, the young knight provides the answer to the riddle: Women want power over their husbands. The queen acknowledges that this is the correct answer. Staying true to his promise, the young knight does what is next asked of him by the old woman: he marries her.

What did the knight do to warrant the punishment?

After the Wife of Bath’s prologue, the Summoner insulted the Friar. 13. What did the knight do to warrant the punishment of beheading? He raped a young maiden.

What did the old woman want from the knight in return for the answer to his question?

What does the old woman ask of the knight in return for supplying him the answer he seeks? She asked the knight to pledge himself to her in return for her help. The answer to the million-dollar question was women most desire is to be in charge of their husbands and lovers.

Does the Knight’s punishment in the Wife of Bath’s Tale fit his crime Why or why not?

What action leads to the Knight’s death sentence in the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

In Arthur’s court, however, a young, lusty knight comes across a beautiful young maiden one day. Overcome by lust and his sense of his own power, he rapes her. The court is scandalized by the crime and decrees that the knight should be put to death by decapitation.