Why is my check engine light flashing when I turn the key?

Why is my check engine light flashing when I turn the key?

When the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light starts blinking (as opposed to staying steadily illuminated), this means that a catalytic converter-damaging condition is occurring. When this Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light flashes, you should pull over safely and shut the vehicle off as soon as possible.

Is the check engine light supposed to come on when you turn the key on?

1 Answer. the check engine light will come on when you turn the ing. switch on. the light goes out when the engine starts.

What causes Check Engine to flash?

When your check engine light begins flashing, it is most often caused by a charging system misfire. The fuel, oxygen, and spark in your vehicle must operate in a specific order to power it properly. Unfortunately, if one of these three cylinders malfunctions, the entire system will suffer.

How far can you drive with a blinking engine light?

The rule of thumb is that if the check engine light is flashing, you can’t keep driving the car. It’s an emergency. Often it indicates an engine misfire. If you keep driving, you will likely cause irreversible damage, mostly to the (expensive) catalytic converter.

Can you drive with check engine light on?

What happens when the oxygen sensor goes bad?

If your vehicle has a bad oxygen sensor, it could run irregularly or sound rough when it idles. A faulty oxygen sensor can impact your engine’s timing, combustion intervals, and other essential functions. You could also notice stalling or slow acceleration.

Is it OK to drive with flashing check engine light?

Can bad gas cause a flashing check engine light?

Loose Gas Cap A gas cap that isn’t twisted on tight enough may cause the check engine light to illuminate, but it won’t flash. If the light stays on for more than a day or two, have your mechanic run an on-board diagnostic (OBD) to see if there is a code in the system indicating a serious problem.

How long can you drive with a blinking engine light?


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How much does it cost to replace oxygen sensor?

A brand new replacement oxygen sensor can cost you from $20 to $100, depending on the make and year of your car. Taking your car to a mechanic to fix the issue can cost up to $200. Though, this depends on the type of car and the rates of the mechanic.

What does it mean when your check engine light is flashing?

A flashing check engine light means that the problem occurs at the moment and it’s most likely a more serious problem like a misfire. It’s not recommended to drive with the check engine light flashing or ON.

What does it mean when your catalytic converter light is flashing?

Misfire — A flashing light mean there has been a misfire in the engine which can cause damage to your expensive catalytic converter. If this is the problem, stop driving and call a car mechanic. Gas Cap — For a loose gas cap, the CEL is on, but not flashing. Tighten the gas cap and check if the CEL has turned off.

What does it mean when the cel light is flashing?

If the CEL is on before turning the key, relax. When the CEL is flashing when the key in and the engine is off, the emission test is running. The emission test is to check the emission control system to reduce the amount of pollution from the CEL. Emission test reads by an oxygen sensor.

What causes an engine to misfire while driving?

It is often caused by a misfire due to fuel or spark problems. The engine control unit monitors all sensors in your car while you are driving and with this information, it calculates how much fuel should be injected into the engine and at which angle it should fire the ignition.