Why do Bryon and Cathy break up?

Why do Bryon and Cathy break up?

Because Mark indirectly hurt Cathy by selling drugs to kids like M&M, Bryon felt that he had to express his loyalty to her and get revenge on Mark. But because Cathy led to his betrayal of Mark, Bryon then felt he had to get revenge on Cathy.

Why did Angela cut hair?

When Mark realizes that Angela set up the fight, he finds an opportunity later to get her drunk and cut off her hair. Because Angela’s brothers think Bryon has done it, they continue the cycle of violence and beat Bryon badly.

What caused Bryon to drift apart?

What caused Bryon to drift apart from Mark? Mark was taking Cathy away from Bryon. What created a strain in the formerly friendly relationship between Mark and Cathy? He put his arm around her and then punched someone in the face, they did it first.

What made Byron away from Cathy?

Byron couldn’t remember Cathy when he first met her, but he thought that she was beautiful. Charlie said Bryon was honest in most ways, except one. Byron thought that Curtis was conceited and didn’t care for him.

What was Byron’s relationship with Angela taught him about dating?

Bryon’s relationship with Angela had taught him that physical beauty was only one factor in the attractiveness of another person.

Why did M&M run away?

Her father is not concerned and tells her that M&M is simply going through a stage and says that M&M will be home tomorrow. Cathy blames her father for causing M&M to run away. She mentions that M&M ran away because he was sick of his father picking on him about his hair and flunking gym.

Why was Bryon waited a long time to remove M&M from hippie group?

Why had Bryon waited a long time to remove M&M from the hippie commune? He was letting him chill out and get used to Cathy and him and try to remember who they were.

Why did it take a long time for Bryon to recognize M&M’s older sister Cathy?

4. It took a long time for Bryon to recognize M&M’s sister Cathy because he never paid much atten- tion to her when they were younger and because he tended to group girls by category, rather than look at them as individuals. 5.