Why did the Johansens install a stove in the chimney?

Why did the Johansens install a stove in the chimney?

Why do the Rosens install a stove in their Chimney? They use it to cook and for heat because the electricity is rationed.

Why did they paint Kirsti’s shoes black in number the stars?

Kirsti had to wear shoes made out of fish skin because their was no more leather for shoes. Ellen offers to paint Kirsti’s shoes black with her father’s ink. How does Ellen offer to solve this problem? The Danish were bombing their own ships so the Nazis would not take them over.

What happened in chapter 2 Number the Stars?

In Chapter 2 of Number the Stars, Annemarie tells Kirsti a fairy tale about a king and a queen. As she thinks about the story, she thinks of meeting King Christian X. Her sister had told her that she’d be special forever since she had been greeted by a king. Only fairy tales remain as she remembers them.

What kind of person is Ellen in number the stars?

Ellen is a quiet and composed girl. She is the same age as Annemarie, though far more solemn. She is a strong student, but aspires to be an actress. Her desire to act becomes symbolic for the terrible way the war forces people to play specific roles.

What does Mrs Johansen use the chimney for?

The Johansens have opened the chimney to house a stove they have installed. The stove helps heat the apartment, and Mrs. Johansen also cooks on it. The stove, however, can only be used when coal is available. The family now eats potatoes almost every night since they are readily available.

Who are Annemarie Johansen’s sisters Kirsti and Ellen Rosen?

In previous chapters of Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, readers meet Annemarie Johansen, her sister Kirsti, and her friend Ellen Rosen. The underground newspaper has reported that the Resistance, a group that attempts to thwart the Nazis, is responsible for recent bombings.

What do Annemarie and Kirsti find interesting about the Rosens’ Jewish traditions?

Meanwhile, Annemarie and Kirsti find the Rosens’ Jewish traditions fascinating and exciting. The Johansen family’s brave decision to help the Rosens shows the true meaning of friendship – especially during a time when many relationships were severed because of fear and prejudice.

What do the Johansens and the Rosens often joke about?

The Johansens and the Rosens often suffer through freezing nights with no heat source. Despite this hardship, Annemarie, Mama, and Kirsti still find things to laugh about. They joke about how when Kirsti was younger, she would stay warm by sleeping in Mama and Papa ’s bed––and then sometimes, she would wet it.