Who was married to Susan Wornick?

Who was married to Susan Wornick?

John Husseym. 2004–2009
Marc Selmanm. 1991–2001
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How old is Susan Warnick?

71 years (December 31, 1949)
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Did Bob Lobel marry Susan Wornick?

Since May 2014, Wornick and ex-husband Bob Lobel have served as on-air talent in hosting segments on MeTV Boston, the digital subchannel of WCVB which airs classic television programs. …

Where is Bob Lobel now?

A longtime advocate of medical marijuana, he hosts a podcast on cannabis, titled “Bob Lobel’s New England PotCast.” He has another regular podcast with his good friends, former Ch. 5 anchor Mike Lynch and radio personality Hank Morse.

Who is Bob Lobel married to?

Suzanne McCarthy
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What happened to Susan Wornick?

she splits her time between Stuart, Florida and Mashpee, Massachusetts and is “partnered with Rubino and Liang helping people plan for their retirement.” She is now currently in a romantic relationship with Richard Reynolds from the 70’s band, Richie and the Renegades.

Did Mike Lynch retire from Channel 5?

Lynch, who retired from his full-time role at Channel 5 in August 2019 but remained a special correspondent contributing to big-event coverage, had hosted and sorted out the logistics of coverage since the show’s debut in the late ’80s.

What disease does Bob Lobel have?

What’s going on with Lobel is that he has been diagnosed with transverse myelitis, which the National Multiple Sclerosis Society defines as “a neurological disorder caused by inflammation (swelling) across both sides of one level or segment of the spinal cord.”

Is Bob Neumeier still alive?

Deceased (1950–2021)
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What did Bob Neumeier passed away from?

October 23, 2021
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Is Bob Neumeier dead?

Where is Bob Neumeier now?

Neumeier died on October 23, 2021. He had suffered from congestive heart failure and heart disease and had been in hospice care for the eight weeks prior to his death.

What is Susan Wornick doing now?

Susan Wornick. Susan Wornick (born December 31, 1949) is a former American television journalist and current TV host and spokesperson, best known as a longtime reporter and anchor, from 1981 until 2014, at WCVB-TV in Boston.

Who is Liz Wornick and why is she famous?

Wornick has been a vocal supporter of a Massachusetts law to shield journalists when they try to protect confidential sources. In 1985, she was almost jailed for refusing to name her sources while working on a story alleging corruption within the Revere, Massachusetts Police Department.,

Who is Ted Wornick?

Wornick was one of the founding members of Team 5 Investigates, WCVB’s investigative unit, in 2006. Wornick has been a vocal supporter of a Massachusetts law to shield journalists when they try to protect confidential sources.