Who is Jorge Lopez married to?

Who is Jorge Lopez married to?

Ann Serranom. 1993–2011
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Is George Lopez still married to Ann Serrano?

In 1993, Lopez married Ann Serrano. The couple has a daughter, Mayan, born in 1996. On September 27, 2010, Lopez announced that he and his wife had decided to end their marriage. Serrano filed for divorce on November 23, 2010, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Why did George Lopez’s wife divorce him?

After 17 years of marriage, Lopez split from wife Ann Serrano in 2010. The breakup came five years after Serrano donated one of her kidneys to Lopez, who suffered from a congenital disorder that caused his kidneys to fail.

Who is George Lopez’s daughter?

Mayan Lopez
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What disease does George Lopez have?

The spokesperson said Lopez has a genetic disorder that caused kidney failure. While the exact nature of Lopez’ illness was not disclosed, polycystic kidney disease is the most common genetic disorder that causes kidney failure.

How much did George Lopez’s wife get in the divorce?

And now a huge chunk of his retirement earnings will be going to ex-wife Ann Serrano. An L.A. judge ruled this week that Ann is entitled to 50 percent of George’s AFTRA retirement contributions during the time they were married. That’s roughly 17-years worth of funds which we’re sure will set Serrano up for life.

Did George Lopez take his wife’s kidney?

It would be difficult for comedian George Lopez to split one small piece of property he received while married. It’s a kidney. And he got the kidney from his wife, Ann, from whom his divorce has just been finalized, according to media sources.

Where is Masiela Lusha now?

Upon leaving Albania, Lusha moved to Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria. In an interview in 2016, Lusha credits her early memories as a refugee for her lifelong humanitarian efforts.

Does George Lopez have kids?

George Lopez/Children

Does George Lopez have kids? Yes, George Lopez is a proud dad to a daughter named Mayan Lopez. She was born on April 2, 1996, so that makes her 24 years old today.

Did George Lopez’s wife give him/her kidney?

George Lopez Finds a Perfect Match. When the comedian needed a new kidney, his wife, Ann, donated one of her own. “I’ll give you one of mine,” Ann Lopez said to her husband the moment the couple learned he would need a kidney transplant. But George, he comes from a very dysfunctional family, a horrific childhood.

Why did Carmen leave the show George Lopez?

Carmen was in 102 episodes before she was replaced by Aimee Garcia, who played her rich cousin Veronica Palmero. This was done due to conflicts in real life with Lusha and Lopez. Due to this, Lusha was written out of the series. In the episode, “It’s a Cliffhanger, By George”, Carmen left to attend college.

Did George Lopez’s ex wife get her kidney back?

Ann Serrano, the ex-wife of comedian George Lopez got the ultimate revenge. Miss Serrano hired a Repo company to get her donated kidney back from her ex-husband. Miss Serrano and George Lopez were married in 1993.