Who is Jean Francaix?

Who is Jean Françaix?

(Jean Françaix) Jean Françaix was born on 23.5.1912 in Le Mans in France. He received his first music lessons at home: his father was a composer and pianist and also director of the Conservatoire and his mother a singing teacher and the founder of a renowned choir.

What was Jean Françaix’s musical style?

Despite close contacts with Francis Poulenc and the “Groupe des Six” and a predilection for French Impressionism and the Neoclassicism of Stravinsky, Jean Françaix never felt committed to any particular musical ideology. The foundations of his tonal, melodically elegant and rhythmically incisive style were laid at an early stage.

Who is Françaix Boulanger?

The son of the director of the Le Mans Conservatory, Françaix began to compose very early, publishing a piano composition at age nine. He later studied at the Paris Conservatory and became a pupil of Nadia Boulanger.

What is Françaix famous for?

Françaix’s music was also used for ballets: Le Roi nu, Les Malheurs de Sophie (both for Paris) and Jeu Sentimental (for Brussels). Françaix was an accomplished pianist from an early age, earning a First Prize in Piano at the Paris Conservatory, and toured throughout Europe and the U.S.