Who does Jamie Theakston live with?

Who does Jamie Theakston live with?

Sophie Siegle and husband Jamie Theakston live together in Chiswick, west London.

Where is Jamie Theakston from?

Cuckfield, United Kingdom
Jamie Theakston/Place of birth

What is the relationship between Jamie Theakston and Ashley Roberts?

Jamie and Ashley are good friends and appear in Celebrity Gogglebox 2020 together.

Who is Jeremy Theakston married to?

Sophie Sieglem. 2007
Jamie Theakston/Spouse

Why did Jamie Theakston fall from grace?

Jamie Theakston But a scandal emerged that revealed Theakston had paid for sex at a plush brothel in Mayfair which was reported to feature a bondage dungeon. While he narrates popular show Motorway Cops, the DJ has been unable to recapture some of his earlier fame.

Who is Ashley Roberts partner?

Pasha Kovalev
On August 17, 2018, it was announced that Roberts would be a contestant on the sixteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing. Her professional partner was Pasha Kovalev. They finished as joint runners-up to winners Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton on December 15, 2018.

When did Jamie Theakston join heart?

Jamie’s long established relationship with Heart 106.2 FM began in 2005, when he started co-hosting the station’s flagship breakfast show. He continues to present the hugely popular weekday breakfast slot to date, with co-presenter Emma Bunton.

Who is Jamie Theakston wife?

Jamie Theakston/Wife
Theakston married Sophie Siegle in Ditchling on 15 September 2007, and they live in west London. They have two children.

Is Richard Bacon married?

Rebecca McFarlanem. 2008
Richard Bacon/Spouse

How old is Jamie Theakston and is he married?

Jamie Theakston is an English television presenter, producer, and actor. He was born in Sussex on 21 December 1970, making him 49-years-old. Theakston has been married to wife Sophie Siegel since 2007.

What does Jamie Theakston’s townhouse look like?

Jamie Theakston’s imposing townhouse in West London is spread over 5 floors and features 4 bedrooms ,3 bathrooms, a living room, an open-plan kitchen, study and gallery area. Leading off the kitchen, the small living room is a separated area with steps leading up to it.

Where does Michael Theakston live?

Theakston’s magnificent home in Chiswick, west London, where he lives with his wife Sophie Siegle and their two children An artist’s impression of how the new four bedroom family home will look at the bottom of Theakston’s garden if it is approved

How has Jamie Theakston’s diet changed?

Jamie Theakston has undergone a massive change, thanks to his six-month long fitness regime. The September 2016 issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine is the testimony to his great shape. Talking about his dietary changes, he said that earlier he started his day with sausage or bacon sandwiches, tons of coffee and all of it made him really fat.