Where is the neighborhood from Desperate Housewives?

Where is the neighborhood from Desperate Housewives?

Desperate Housewives storylines primarily center on the residents of the street. The set for Wisteria Lane is located inside Universal Studios Hollywood, and is actually named Colonial Street, an area that has been used for many motion pictures and television shows….

Wisteria Lane
Created by Marc Cherry
Genre Drama

What state is Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives?

Eagle State
Eagle State is the fictitious state wherein the characters of Desperate Housewives live. It includes the town of Fairview, and the street of Wisteria Lane, the stage of the main events of the series.

Who has the biggest house in Desperate Housewives?

The husbands of the show are often in jeopardy for one reason or another from these Desperate Housewives. What is this? Bree’s house is the biggest on the block I think as she is the richest with being so very capable of everything she sets her hand to, except for children and marriage that is.

Are the houses on Wisteria Lane real?

Before it became Wisteria Lane, the street at Universal Studios where “Desperate Housewives” is shot was home to “Leave it to Beaver,” “The Munsters,” “The ‘Burbs” and “Harvey,” among others. Unlike many exterior sets, most of the homes have actual interiors. But these aren’t “real,” functioning homes.

What state is the Eagle State?

In season 2, Lonny Moon tells Susan Mayer that his wife and kids are “up in Minnesota,” implying Fairview and Eagle State are south of Minnesota.

Is Colonial Street Real?

Colonial Street is one of the backlot street sets at the Universal Studios Lot in Universal City, California. The street set has a long history, spanning over 60 years of movies and television.

Who moved to Wisteria first?

Mary Alice
In season two, Mary Alice was the first of the housewives to move onto Wisteria Lane, to which she recounts how she met each of them and how they all became friends.

Can you visit the Desperate Housewives set?

Desperate Housewives On the Studio Tour, fans will be able to see the white picket fences and houses where stars like Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher lived, but you might be surprised to see that some houses on the street are just facades.

Is Fairview a real place?

In real life there is a town of Fairview located in Illinois.

Where is Eagle State Desperate Housewives?

Wisteria Lane is located in the fictional town of “Fairview” in the also fictional “Eagle State.” The show is not intentionally set in any particular existing state. The city is meant to be a symbol of idyllic suburban living that is often stereotypically associated with America circa the 1950’s.

Was the Cleaver house real?

The set for Rock Hudson’s character Ron Kirby’s home was built on the backlot next to old Falls Lake, and was known as Ron’s Barn when it was moved to Colonial Street. It’s now known as the Hardy Boys house. Exteriors for seasons 3-6 were shot on Colonial Street, using what became known as the Cleaver House.