Where does Ponyboy live in the outsiders?

Where does Ponyboy live in the outsiders?

Ponyboy longs to live in a place where no greasers or Socs reside, and he wants to live around “plain ordinary people.” The geographic and social division between the greasers and the Socs doesn’t fade until Ponyboy and Johnny hide out in Windrixville, a pastoral town in the mountains.

What does class mean in the outsiders?

When society expects a certain idea of a person, they categorize people into social classes. When society assigns people to social classes, not only does it create separation between the Socs and the Greasers, but it also creates an obstacle. Many think of the Greasers as failures, criminals, and hoodlums.

What is Ponyboy’s house like?

Ponyboy’s house has chocolate cake, cigarettes, and an unlocked door, among other objects. Ponyboy complains his house is messy. I imagine it would be, as the only residents are three young men. Like most of the houses the greasers live in, the house is a little rundown because greasers live on the wrong side of town.

How is social class A theme in the outsiders?

In the novel “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton social classes a very apparent the rich and the poor. In The Outsiders, social classes create a divide in the community. The isolation of these two groups lead to the tension and violence that is seen in the book.

What part of town is Ponyboy from?

Personality. Ponyboy is a fourteen-year old greaser who lives with his two older brothers, Sodapop and Darry on the lower-class east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How is Ponyboy described in The Outsiders book?

Ponyboy is not only younger than the other Greasers, but he is also small for his age. However, he has a decent physique and can do okay in a fair fight. Ponyboy has light-brown, almost red hair and greenish-gray eyes. Like the other Greasers, Ponyboy’s hair is on the long side.

What page is Stay gold Ponyboy on?

3. on page 148, Johnny tells Ponyboy, “Stay gold, Ponyboy.

WHO SAID Stay gold Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Johnny Cade
Stay gold. As he lies dying in Chapter 9, Johnny Cade speaks these words to Ponyboy. “Stay gold” is a reference to the Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy recites to Johnny when the two hide out in the Windrixville Church. One line in the poem reads, “Nothing gold can stay,” meaning that all good things must come to an end.

Where does SE Hinton live?

S. E. Hinton/Places lived
She resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband David Inhofe, a software engineer, after meeting him in her freshman biology class at college.

Who lives in Ponyboy’s house?

He lives with his oldest brother, Darry, who is 20 years old and has legal custody of him and his other brother, Sodapop, who is 16.

Are the SOCS rich?

The Socs (pronounced ˈsoʊʃɪz / so-shis, short form of Socials) are a group of rich teenagers who live on the west side, or the south side in the movie. They are the rivals to the Greasers, and were described as having ‘money, cars, and futures’, according to Ponyboy Curtis.

What do rich kids call Ponyboy?

What do the rich kids call Ponyboy and his friends? Greasers.

What is Ponyboy’s real name in the Outsiders?

Christopher “Ponyboy” Michael Curtis is the narrator and protagonist of the 1967 novel The Outsiders, and its 1983 film adaptation. He is portrayed by C. Thomas Howell in the film. Ponyboy is the youngest of the greaser gang. In the novel, Ponyboy has light-brown hair and greenish-gray eyes.

Where do Johnny and Pony Boy meet?

Pony Boy Who do Johnny and Pony boy meet at the park in the middle of the night Bob, Randy and the rest of the Socs Were Johnny and Pony boy were hanging out in Socs territory No the park Where does Pony boy go swimming in the fountain Who spit at the Socs Pony Boy Why is Bob lying on the ground

What is Ponyboy’s relationship with his friends like?

He is able to find security in his friendships with them, and they help fill the void created by his parents’ deaths. Ponyboy narrates the novel, and this narration is a catharsis for him. The reader is able to see the changes in Pony’s viewpoints as he is dealing with many issues that are common in an adolescent’s life.

What group are Pony Boy and the other Curtis boys in?

Pony boy and the other Curtis boys are in what group Greasers Is Darry is a high school dropout. No Sodapop Is Dally is the gangs pet, a cared little guy No Is Pony boy is the only greaser in the story who doesn’t smoke.