Where do French speaking Canadians live?

Where do French speaking Canadians live?

In Canada, 85% of French Canadians reside in Quebec where they constitute the majority of the population in all regions except the far North (Nord-du-Québec). Most cities and villages in this province were built and settled by the French or French Canadians during the French colonial rule.

Where are most French speakers located?

Although the overwhelming majority of French speakers are in Europe, Africa and North America, there are also pockets of speakers in Asia, the Middle East, South America and Oceania.

Can you live in Canada only speaking French?

You do not need to speak French to live in Canada, because most provinces have an English-speaking majority.

How many people in Canada speak French?

French is the first official language spoken for 22.8% of the population. The majority of Francophones (85.4%) live in Quebec and over 1 million live in other regions of the country….The Canadian Francophonie by the numbers.

Province or territory French-speaking population
Total Canadian population 34,767,250

How many French speaking provinces are there in Canada?

10 provinces
The status of French Canada is a federal state with 10 provinces and 3 territories. French, like English, is one of Canada’s 2 official languages. Federal institutions are bilingual.

How many French speakers are there in Canada?


Population Detailed data 1 (Number) Detailed data 1 (Percentage)
Total 34,767,250 100%
English 26,007,500 74.8%
French 7,705,755 22.2%
English and French 417,485 1.2%

What percent of Canada speaks French?

The Canadian Francophonie by the numbers French is the first official language spoken for 22.8% of the population. The majority of Francophones (85.4%) live in Quebec and over 1 million live in other regions of the country. Almost 10.4 million Canadians can carry on a conversation in French.

Can French people move to Quebec?

2. The Quebec factor. Many French citizens move to Canada and immediately choose to settle in Quebec, where apart from the language, they also benefit from the Quebec – France Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

How many people speak French as their first language in Canada?

French is the mother tongue of 22.3 percent of the Canadian population or about 7 million Canadians. The majority of French speakers lives in the province of Quebec, where French is the sole and majority official language. About 95 percent of Quebec s residents speak French as their second or first language.

Do many Canadians speak French as a second language?

French and/or English are spoken by 98.2% of Canadians. 2.4 million young Canadians study French or English as a second language. 449,745 of them are in French immersion programs outside Quebec.

Are French speaking Canadians a minority in Canada?

French Canadians are by far Canada’s largest minority, with some 7.2 million (20.6 per cent) Canadians having French as their mother tongue in the 2016 Canadian Census. French Canadians are considered to be one of the country’s three founding nations, along with English Canadians and indigenous peoples.

What countries speak French officially?

French is a national language of several European countries, including Belgium, Monaco, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. French also represents an official language of the European Union .