Where did Bette Nesmith Graham grow up?

Where did Bette Nesmith Graham grow up?

Biography. Graham was born Bette Clair McMurray, in Dallas, Texas, to Jesse McMurray, an automotive supply company manager, and Christine Duval. She was raised in San Antonio and graduated from Alamo Heights High School.

Who invented liquid paper?

Bette Nesmith Graham
Liquid Paper/Inventors

Who was Bette Nesmith Graham and why she’s important?

American entrepreneur who invented Liquid Paper . Bette Nesmith Graham turned her imperfect typing skills into a $47 million fortune. Born in 1924 and raised in Dallas, Texas, she left high school at 17 to marry her high school sweetheart, Warren Nesmith.

What did Bette Graham invent?

Liquid Paper
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What did Mike Nesmith invent?

Monkee iconoclast Michael Nesmith was the original inventor of MTV. Now he’s moved on to online worlds. Occasional Monkee Michael Nesmith was awarded a patent on Christmas Day for a process that incorporates live video into a virtual environment.

What Monkees are still alive?

released to positive reviews, and 2018’s Christmas Party closed out the Monkees studio catalog. With Tork’s death in 2019, Dolenz and Nesmith were left to embark on a farewell tour in 2021….

The Monkees
Past members Davy Jones (deceased) Peter Tork (deceased)

What did Mike Nesmith mother invent?

When Nesmith was 13, his mother invented the typewriter correction fluid known commercially as Liquid Paper. Over the next 25 years, she built the Liquid Paper Corporation into a multimillion-dollar international company, which she sold to Gillette in 1979 for $48 million. She died a few months later at age 56.

Who did Bette Nesmith marry?

Robert Grahamm. 1962–1975
Warren Nesmithm. 1942–1946
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Nesmith married Robert Graham in 1962, and he joined the business as well. By 1967, Liquid Paper was a million-dollar enterprise. In 1968, Nesmith Graham opened a new plant with 20 employees. That year, she sold one million bottles.