When was Dotdash created?

When was Dotdash created?

April 21, 1997

Founded April 21, 1997 (as About.com)
Owner IAC
Founder(s) Scott Kurnit
Key people Barry Diller Neil Vogel (CEO) Alex Ellerson (COO)
Industry Internet

How does Dotdash make money?

Dotdash also earns commerce revenue from lead generation campaigns it runs for travel companies through TripSavvy, its travel-focused site, and for financial services companies on The Balance, Dotdash’s personal finance site. Today, Vogel said, Lifewire accounts for 40 percent of its commerce revenue.

Where did Aboutcom go?

About.com wasn’t necessarily entertainment or news, but rather it trafficked in educational content, or what Vogel calls “learn something, do something” stuff. That’s not the kind of thing you browse. You go to an About.com (or you did) to answer a very specific question.

What is a dot dash?

What is a “dot-dash” storyline? “Dot-dash” refers to the bullet-point, outline format, where a) main, top-level ideas that drive the storyline are designated with round, dot-shaped bullets and b) 2nd-level, supporting ideas, facts, and exhibits are indented and designated with dashes.

Who owns the Spruce?

Dotdash owns several niche, lifestyle websites, like: Verywell (for health content), The Balance (for personal finance ), Investopedia (for personal investing), The Spruce (for home decor), Lifewire (for tech tips and reviews), TripSavvy (for travel), ThoughtCo.

What does IAC own?

IAC today operates Dotdash Meredith and Care.com, among many others, and has majority ownership of Angi, which also includes HomeAdvisor Powered by Angi and Handy. The Company is headquartered in New York City and has business operations and satellite offices worldwide.

Is Dotdash legit?

Overall, Dotdash is a good place to work. Pay is somewhat competitive but there is no pay transparency or salary levels that even managers can see so it’s hard to know who is paid fairly and who is not. Company lives and dies by Google decisions so there is a LOT of stress and constant pivoting to adjust.

How many employees does Dotdash?

Employee Data Dotdash has 882 Employees.

Who bought about com?

The Times Company
The Times Company bought About.com in 2005 for $400 million, and it helped increase profit through the lean years of the recession.

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Who eats spruce?

The Spruce Eats is an award-winning online publication on a mission to help its audience make their best meal by sharing “the best” in food recipes, regional food, drinks and cocktails, popular food ingredients, how-tos, and occasions.