What word type is funny?

What word type is funny?

Funny can be an adjective or a noun.

Can fun be used as a verb?

Fun commonly functions as an adjective (“I had a fun time”) and as a noun (“Let’s have some fun”), and somewhat less commonly as a verb (“I’m just funning you”).

What is the adverb of funny?

funnily. In a funny or amusing manner. In a strange or unexpected manner, especially of a coincidence.

Is silly a noun or verb?

adjective, sil·li·er, sil·li·est. weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish: a silly writer. absurd; ridiculous; irrational: a silly idea.

Is the is a verb?

The word “is” is always used as a verb in written and spoken English. This word is considered as a verb because it expresses existence or a state of being. It is classified under linking verbs and is a derivative of the verb “to be.” In the sample sentence: He is the most intelligent student in class.

What are some verbs for fun?


  • amused.
  • beguiled.
  • charmed.
  • cheered.
  • delighted.
  • engrossed.
  • enjoying oneself.
  • enthralled.

Which type of noun is fun?

uncountable noun
Fun is an uncountable noun meaning ‘pleasure and enjoyment’: We had such fun together. It was fun to go to the beach with Rita’s family.

Is fix an action verb?

verb (used with object), fixed or (Archaic) fixt [fikst], fix·ing. to repair; mend. to put in order or in good condition; adjust or arrange: She fixed her hair in a bun. to make fast, firm, or stable.

Is silly an adjective yes or no?

The adjective silly describes behavior or people that lack good sense, or things that are absurd or irrational.

What type of part of speech is silly?

‘Silly’ functions as an adjective and a noun.

Is fun an adverb?

Adverb Fun. ‘Adverb Fun’ is an effective English classroom activity that reinforces the lesson of adverbs in 4th grade kids. Ask kids to mime an adverb and they will do it eagerly with all the excitement. Allow the entire class to guess instead of choosing a single player, to encourage team play.

What does is a very funny mean?

very funny! Used sarcastically or ironically to indicate that the speaker does not share another’s amusement. ‘Yeah, all right, mate. Very funny’

Is frowning a verb?

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense frowns , present participle frowning , past tense, past participle frowned. verb. When someone frowns, their eyebrows become drawn together, because they are annoyed, worried, or puzzled, or because they are concentrating. Nancy shook her head, frowning.

Is funny an adjective?

Funny is a proper adjective. The adjectives / adverbs that take the same form include: fast, hard, early, late, high, low, right, wrong, straight and long. In addition, they provide background information, such as facts or opinions, about each noun.