What teams are in Match Attax 2021 22?

What teams are in Match Attax 2021 22?

2021-22 Topps Match Attax UEFA Champions League Checklist

  • Team Badge – AFC Ajax.
  • Maarten Stekelenburg – AFC Ajax.
  • Daley Blind – AFC Ajax.
  • Nicolas Tagliafico – AFC Ajax.
  • Ryan Gravenberch – AFC Ajax.
  • David Neres – AFC Ajax.
  • Dušan Tadić – AFC Ajax CAP.
  • Sébastien Haller – AFC Ajax.

How many cards do you get in a match attax 20 21 pack?

MATCH ATTAX 2020/21. FEATURING FOOTBALL’S BIGGEST STARS FROM THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE. 4 Tins to collect, each with 45 card including a Lionel Messi Limited Edition card!

How many Match Attax are there?

The Scottish Professional Football League Match Attax cards for 2020 have been released. This Match Attax collection features cards from all the SPFL Premiership and Championship. The full set consists of 376 cards, including special Limited Editions, 100 Club, Man of the Match and Legend cards.

Does Match Attax do Premier League?

With the popularity in football at an all-time high the brand-new Match Attax Premier League trading cards are set to be the number one playground craze and are packed full of addictive gameplay with new signings from the summer transfer window, limited edition cards that are easier to collect, and the introduction of …

What is the rarest Match Attax card?

One of the rare collections of Match Attax cards is the special one hundred football club card collection. All the cards in this collection feature stats of 101 for all their attributes in the Match Attax game. The 2010 Match Attax Pele card is a rare release with 101 stats.

What’s the best match Attax card?

10 Best Match Attax Cards

  • Topps. UCL Match Attax Starter Pack T.20/21.
  • Topps. Topps Match Attax 21/22 Diamond Collector Tin – UEFA Champions League Cards, Includes.
  • Topps. Topps Match Attax 20/21 – Match Winners Mega Tin with Limited Edition Lewandowski.
  • Champions League.
  • Match Attax.
  • Topps.
  • Topps.

Is there a Match Attax app?

This new version of the Match Attax App includes some awesome new features: – Pre-Game Training: Boost your players attack or defence before you get into a match! – Tactics Zone: All tactics cards are now available to play in-gam!

Which Match Attax card is the best?

Best Match Attax Cards comparison table

  • 1st Place. 2021/22 Match Attax – 5 packets x 12 cards (60 cards total) PRE-ORDER.
  • 2nd Place. Topps Match Attax 2018/19 UEFA Champions League Soccer Trading Card Game Starter Box.
  • 3rd Place. Match Attax 2020 2021 Topps UEFA Champions League Soccer Trading Card Game Sealed.

What’s the rarest Match Attax card?

Are the new Match Attax out?

Match Attax 2021/22 is OUT NOW! Featuring Europe’s elite teams & biggest superstars! Look out for NEW Chrome Pro Elite Shield cards, Crystal Parallels, Limited Editions, Autograph cards & Player-worn Jersey Relic cards!

What is Match Attax?

Topps Match Attax is a trading card game featuring the the best players in the UEFA Champions League. Just like a real UEFA Champions League game, the goal is to beat your opponent by scoring more goals and winning the game. !

How much is the DFL-Bundesliga Match Attax 2019 starter pack?

DFL-BUNDESLIGA MATCH ATTAX 2019 Trader Packs. $69.99. DFL-BUNDESLIGA MATCH ATTAX 2019 Starter Packs. $9.99.

How many cards are in the 2019/20 Topps Match Attax Champions League?

2019/20 Topps Match Attax Champions League Soccer Collection of (10) Factory Sealed Foil Packs with 60 Cards! Look for Top Stars including Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Harry Kane, Neymar Jr & More! WOWZZER! . . . . . Only 10 left in stock – order soon. .