What nationality is the name Ekaterina?

What nationality is the name Ekaterina?

Ekaterina is a feminine given name, and an alternative transliteration of the Russian Yekaterina. Katya and Katyusha are common diminutive forms of Ekaterina….Ekaterina.

Gender Female
Word/name Russian
Meaning Pristine
Other names

How do you say Katerina in Russian?

Nicknames: Kat, Rina, and, Terina….Pronounce Names.

Pronunciation: ka-terina
Gender: Female
Origin: russian

How do you pronounce the name Katya?

The name Katya can pronounced as “KAH-tyah” in text or letters. Katya is bay girl name, main origion is Greek, Russian.

How do you say the name Alyona?

The name Alyona can pronounced as “Ahl-YO-nah” in text or letters.

What the name Ekaterina means?

a. The meaning of Ekaterina is ‘pure’ and is derived from Russian origin. It is the Russian version of the English names Katherine and Catherine, which are derived from the word ‘yekaterina’ which also means ‘pure’. It is an alternative transliteration of the Russian name, Yekaterina.

Who is Ekaterina?

Who Is Ekaterina Gordeeva? Ekaterina Gordeeva is a Russian champion ice skater. In their 13 years of skating together, Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov were first co-workers, became friends, then fell in love, married, became parents and won four world championships and two Olympic gold medals.

How do you pronounce Hyun Soo?

Phonetic spelling of Hyunsoo

  1. Hyun-soo.
  2. hyun-soo. Nyah Roob.
  3. Hy-un-soo. Tessie Blanda.

How do you say Katrina in Russian?

Katerina (Greek: Κατερίνα, romanized: Katerína; Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Macedonian: Катерина, romanized: Katerina) is a feminine given name….Katerina.

Variant form(s) Katherina
Related names Caterina
See also Katarina, Ekaterina, Yekaterina, Katherine, Katrina, Kateřina

How do you pronounce Alena?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Alena. aa-LEY-Naa. ale-na.
  2. Meanings for Alena. A feminine name that is of Greek origin. Light.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Blogger Alena Yanushkouskaya: I Have Been To Square And Will Go Again! Barcelona Loan Alena To Real Betis For Remainder Of Season.
  4. Translations of Alena. Arabic : ألينا Russian : алена