What is zip code of Sudan?

What is zip code of Sudan?

Sudan Pin Code is 825109. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code.

What is the postcode of Juba South Sudan?

Juba Pin Code is 767025. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code.

What is the country code for South Sudan?

South Sudan/Dialing codes

What is zip or postal code?

Zip Code refers to a postal code, used in a few countries with a postal address to specify the location at which mail is sent. On the other hand, postal code indicates the code used in the postal address, which assists in the sorting the mails for the purpose of delivering them at their exact destination.

Is there a zip code 11111?

11111 is not a valid 5 digit ZIP Code, but there are valid ZIP Codes that start with 111: 11101, 11102, etc.

How do I know my postcode?

USPS.com. To find a zip code with USPS.com, you need to fill in the fields with your USA street address, city, and state. Then click Find and you’ll get your postal code.

What is the zip code of Nairobi?

Nairobi GPO Data:

Postal Region: Region with code: 0
Postal Code: 0 0100 (or 00100)
Constituency: Starehe
County: Nairobi
Province: Nairobi

What is postal code of Uganda?


1 Civic Centre 10101
2 Old Kampala 10102
3 Kagugube 10103
4 Bukesa 10104

How do I call South Sudan number?

Where is Southern Sudan located?

South Sudan/Continent

South Sudan, also called Southern Sudan, country located in northeastern Africa. Its rich biodiversity includes lush savannas, swamplands, and rainforests that are home to many species of wildlife. Prior to 2011, South Sudan was part of Sudan, its neighbour to the north.

How do I know my zip code?

Where can I find zip codes?

Look Up a ZIP Code™

  • By Address. Enter a corporate or residential street address, city, and state to see a specific ZIP Code™. Find by Address.
  • By City and State. Enter city and state to see all the ZIP Codes™ for that city. Find by City & State.
  • Cities by ZIP Code™ Enter a ZIP Code™ to see the cities it covers.