What is wooden folding rule?

What is wooden folding rule?

A folding rule consists of multiple pivoting sections that unfold and lock in place to form a rigid ruler for taking length measurements. Originally made from wood, folding rules are now made from aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and wood. The pivoting hinges are often made from brass.

What is a folding wooden ruler used for?

Folding rulers are ideal for measuring the dimensions of the interior of a project like a cabinet or desk.

What is a folding wooden ruler called?

Most people call these “Carpenters Rulers” , or a “Folding Carpenter Ruler” , either way they fold and work great in most applications where a sturdy tape measure is called for.

What is the best folding ruler?

Top 8 Best Folding Ruler for Woodworking Reviews

  • Rhino Rulers Folding Carpenter’s Ruler with 6″ Sliding Extension.
  • PERFECT MEASURING TAPE Carpenter’s Folding Ruler.
  • Klein Tools 910-6 Folding Carpenters Ruler 6-Foot, Inside Reading.
  • Rapala Folding Ruler with Mounting Bracket Holes.

What is Carpenter rule?

Definitions of carpenter’s rule. a rule used by a carpenter. type of: rule, ruler. measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths.

What is the steel rule?

A steel rule is the simplest and most common measuring tool. The flat steel rule is usually 6 or 12 inches long, but longer sizes are available. Steel rules can be flexible or nonflexible, thin or wide. Generally, a steel rule has four sets of marks, two on each side of the rule. …

What is zigzag rule?

noun. a rule composed of light strips of wood joined by rivets so as to be foldable, all the opening and closing parts being in parallel planes.

What is a benefit of using a folding rule?

Folding rules can be used for measuring both small spaces and longer distances. They can be transported easily once they are folded up, making them useful when working in the field. Folding rules can also be used to measure a point which is difficult to reach.

What is the accuracy of the wooden folding rule?

Details on Wooden folding rule G10

Material Beechwood
Measuring accuracy EEC class III
Length 3m
Version Very good quality
Colour(s) White

How accurate is a folding ruler?

Folding rules are considered to be predecessors of modern tape measures, which are long flexible strips with measurements marked on them which are coiled inside a case. They can be extended out or retracted into a coil inside the case. The tape measure has replaced the folding rule for many uses.

What is a four fold ruler?

This four-fold boxwood rule has a brass arch joint at the center and two brass hinges. On one side, the rule is divided to 1/16″ along the top edge and to 1/12″ along the bottom edge. The other side is divided to 1/8″ along the top edge and to 1/10″ along the bottom edge.

What is the four fold rule?

Four-Fold Rule A classic essential for any woodworkers toolbox These are traditionally called Blindman’s Rules, because the markings are very large and easy to read. They remain just as attractive and functional today as they were 100 years ago.

What is a wooden folding rule?

A carpenters rule could be found in pockets dating back for decades because it is a simple yet wildly useful device. A wooden folding rule is just what you need from the classroom to the home to the job site. Extension rules, unlike tape measures, give you a rigid ruler but fit in a pocket far better than a yardstick.

What is a folding ruler?

Folding rules, sometimes called zig-zag rules or jointed rules, are a series of two or more smaller rule strips joined with hinges. These rules can be folded together to be carried easily, or used in confined spaces.