What is the name of the autobiography written by RK Laxman?

What is the name of the autobiography written by RK Laxman?

The Tunnel of Time
Laxman published numerous short stories, essays, and travel articles, some of which were collected in The Distorted Mirror (2003). He also wrote the novels The Hotel Riviera (1988) and The Messenger (1993) and an autobiography, The Tunnel of Time (1998).

How many stories are written by RK Laxman?

Showing 30 distinct works.

What do you think the famous cartoonist RK Laxman?

Answer: The cartoonist is trying to convey that child labour is still in existence in India. The poor always become victim of the social evils. They are dominated by the wealthy people.

Which book of RK Narayan is with illustrations by his brother RK Laxman?

Laxman. Laxman’s sketches of the characters and situations drawn up by Narayan in his walks would become the first illustrations that were featured in Narayan’s works based on Malgudi. The well-known sketch of the fictional town had been done by Laxman based on the stories of Malgudi.

What does this cartoon of famous cartoonist RK Laxman tell to the 2006?

This cartoon is trying to convey two important issues. One of the issues is the heavy load of schoolbags on today’s children. Another message is about the problem of child labour. Thus this cartoon relates to the Child Labour Prevention Act 2006.

What according to Laxman is the challenge in creating a good Carto?

Answer: According to Laxman, waiting for the right thought to emerge is the challenge in creating a good cartoon.

Who wrote timeless Laxman?

R.K. Laxman
Born Rasipuram Krishnaswami LaxmanOctober 24, 1921 Mysore, Kingdom of Mysore, British India (present-day Karnataka, India)
Died January 26, 2015 (aged 93) Pune, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Cartoonist, illustrator