What is the irony in the story mom Luby and the social worker?

What is the irony in the story mom Luby and the social worker?

The great irony in this short story is that a poor, older lady, is able to take better care of two little children than the State agency that is assigned to do so. This is because she can get more accomplished in two hours, to benefit them, than the agency can accomplish in two years with their most motivated agent.

What is Puddin’s real name in mom Luby and the social?

Mom Luby, an old woman who takes care of children Elijah and Arlethia (Puddin’) since their mother died three years ago. However, she is unable to support them so she goes down to the Welfare Office seeking State Aid. But in order to qualify for it she needs to lie about being their mother.

What is the theme of Mom Luby and the social worker?

In Mom Luby and the Social Worker by Kristin Hunter we have the theme of love, responsibility, kindness, bureaucracy, connection, innocence and change. Narrated in the first person by a young thirteen year old boy called Elijah the reader realises after reading the story that Hunter may be exploring the theme of love.

What is the relationship between mom Luby and her children?

Love and Family Relationship The love that Mom Luby has for her two young charges is apparent by her simple act of fostering them. She is a poor, older woman who runs a speakeasy to survive. This is not the profile of someone who should be willing to take care of two young children, as well as a whole community, yet she does.

What is mom Luby entitled to from the welfare office?

Technically Mom Luby is entitled to nothing from the welfare office as neither Elijah nor Pudding are her children. However Hunter might be suggesting that some things like parentage should be overlooked if an individual is doing the job of a parent.

Where does miss Rushmore work in the book Mother Luby?

Miss Rushmore She works at the Department of Child Welfare, Bureau of Family Assistance. She is very thorough in her investigation of Mom Luby. She is awed by Mom Luby’s productivity. Elijah(narrator) & Puddin’ – The two young children that Mom Luby fosters.