What is geochemical exploration technique?

What is geochemical exploration technique?

Geochemical exploration is any method of mineral or petroleum exploration that utilizes systematic measurements of one or more chemical properties of a naturally occurring material. The materials analyzed most commonly are rock, soil, stream and lake sediment, natural waters, vegetation and soil air.

What is prospecting and exploration?

Exploration can be defined as the science of prospecting in which modern and sophisticated instruments and equipment are used in search for, and qualitative assessment of mineral/ ore in a prospect and known defined area. Prospecting and exploration form a prelude to estimation of a mineral/ ore in a prospect.

What are the exploration methods?

Our exploration methods Boulder exploration, geological mapping in the field, geophysical surveys, geochemical sampling and drilling are examples of the methods we use in exploration to find new mineral deposits.

What is geochemical analysis?

Geochemical analysis is the process through which scientists determine the chemical compounds that constitute Earth, its atmosphere, and its seas. Geochemical analysis can be used to help predict where petroleum, metals, water, and commercially valuable minerals may be located.

What is a geochemical environment?

It is an environment of high temperature and pressure, restricted circulation of fluids, and relatively low free-oxygen content. The secondary environment is the environment of weathering, erosion, and sedimentation at the surface of the Earth.

What is prospecting in mining?

prospecting, search for economically exploitable mineral deposits. Until the 20th century prospecting involved roaming likely areas on foot looking for direct indications of ore mineralization in outcrops, sediments, and soils. Colours have been a traditional guide to ores.

What prospecting means?

the activity of searching for something, especially prospective or likely customers, clients, etc.:Calling expired listings, knocking on doors to introduce yourself, and placing cold calls from lists of names all come under the umbrella of prospecting.

What is prospecting for mineral?

What is seismic prospecting?

A method of geophysical prospecting in which vibrations are set up by firing small explosive charges in the ground or by other artificial sources. Precise measurements of the resulting waves are taken, from which the nature and extent of underlying strata are revealed.

What are the 3 types of exploration?

There are now three major types of exploration methods: (1) surface methods such as geologic feature mapping and detection of seepages, (2) area surveys of gravity and magnetic fields, and (3) seismographic methods. A quote is a dense form of information, which can lead to other deeper types of exploration.