What is difference between virtual function and classes?

What is difference between virtual function and classes?

A virtual function is a member function of base class which can be redefined by derived class. A pure virtual function is a member function of base class whose only declaration is provided in base class and should be defined in derived class otherwise derived class also becomes abstract.

What is the difference between friend class and friend function?

A friend function is used for accessing the non public member of a class. A class can allow non-member function and other classes to access its own private data by making them friend A Friend class has full access of private data members of another class without being member of that class.

What is virtual class example?

Example. For example, a base class Machine could have a virtual class Parts . Subclass Car would implement Parts differently than the subclass Bicycle , but the programmer can call any methods in the virtual inner class Parts on any class Machine object, and get the Parts implementation of that specific derived class.

Can a friend function be virtual?

You can declare a virtual function to be a friend of another class. If a function is declared virtual in its base class, you can still access it directly using the scope resolution ( :: ) operator.

What is the use of virtual class?

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What is the difference between abstract class and virtual class?

Virtual methods have an implementation and provide the derived classes with the option of overriding it. Abstract methods do not provide an implementation and force the derived classes to override the method. So, abstract methods have no actual code in them, and subclasses HAVE TO override the method.

What is virtual and friend function?

Virtual functions are used for dynamic binding of objects. It means that you can store an object of derived class in a pointer of base class and still call the method of that partiular derived class. The concept is known as Polymorphism. Friend functions are used to access the private interface of a class.

What is the difference between virtual and friend keywords?

In this, a virtual keyword is used to make member function of base class Virtual….

Friend Function Virtual Function
It is declared outside the class scope. It is declared using the ‘friend’ keyword. It is declared within the base class and is usually redefined by a derived class. It is declared using a ‘virtual’ keyword.

What are virtual classes?

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What are the types of virtual classroom?

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What is a virtual base class?

Virtual base classes are used in virtual inheritance in a way of preventing multiple “instances” of a given class appearing in an inheritance hierarchy when using multiple inheritances.

What is a virtual online classroom?

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What is the difference between friend and virtual functions?

friend functions are such, that are not methods (a.k.a. member functions) and have the right to access private / protected members of a class. virtual functions can only be member functions. You can’t have virtual non-member function. You can make the operator<< take a reference to a base class and then call some virtual member function.

What is the use of friend class in Java?

A friend class can access private and protected members of other classes in which it is declared as friend. It is sometimes useful to allow a particular class to access private members of other classes. Just likely, a friend function is a function that is declared outside the scope of a class.

What is the difference between a class and a virtual classroom?

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What is the difference between friends and member function in C++?

1)Friends function is used to access the private data variable of classes where member function is used to access private data variable of same class. 2)u can call the friends function in main function without any object but to call member function of class u just need to create object of same class.