What is CAM in tablet compression machine?

What is CAM in tablet compression machine?

Tablet Press Machine Cam Tracks That is, as the turret rotates, it is the cam trucks that move the punches in an up and down motion. This helps to control filling, compression and ejection of already processed tablets. For example, as the upper cam withdraws top punches from the die, powder flows in filling the cavity.

What is the function of dies in tablet compression machine?

Die – A component used in conjunction with the upper and lower punches; it accepts the product for compaction and is responsible for the tablet’s perimeter size and configuration. Die bore – The cavity of a die that accepts the product for compaction and determines the tablets size and shape configuration.

What is ejection force in tablet compression?

Ejection force measurement is the force measured on the lower punch as the tablet is pushed out of the die at the end of the tablet compression process. The measurement can be used to determine if the optimum amount of lubricant has been added to the formulation.

What is dual time compression?

In tabletting, dwell time is measured in milliseconds and it’s counted as the time the surface of the head flat is in contact with the main compression rollers. You may consider increasing dwell time if you have a difficult product to press or if you have issues like capping and lamination.

How is fill cam calculation?

The fill cam size can be approximated by calculating the dosing cam depth to achieve the target weight and simply adding 2–4 mm. The dosing cam dimensions are based on the tooling geometry, material bulk density and tablet weight.

How many parts is turret divided?

In most cases, you may divide turret into the following key sections: Upper turret; section that holds upper punches. Lower turret; part that holds lower punches. Die table; a section that holds dies.

What is limit of friability in IP and USP?

A maximum loss of weight (from a single test or from the mean of the three tests) not greater than 1.0 percent is acceptable for most tablets.

What is the difference between D tooling and B tooling?

BB Tooling B tooling is same as BB only difference is that lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inch long. D tooling dies and punches are usually have a greater diameter of the tip of punches as compared to B type tolling which makes D type tooling ideal for compression of big size tablets.

How are the applied forces are transmitted in tablet compression?

The basic principle behind the tablet compression machine is hydraulic pressure. This pressure is transmitted unreduced through the static fluid. Any externally applied pressure is transmitted via static fluid to all the directions in the same proportion. It also makes it possible to multiply the force as needed.

What is tablet ejection?

The tablet ejection force is the force endured by the punch upon ejection, which overcomes the friction between the tablet side band and the die wall. Pharmaceutical powders can exhibit markedly different ejection forces when compressed at a pressure typical of tablet manufacturing.

What is double rotary compression machine?

Double Rotary Tablet Press / Compression Machine – 27D / 27B / 35B / 45BB Stations. Features of Double Rotary Tablet Press – 27D or 27B, 35B, 45BB Tooling Stations : Provided with double sided lifting cams. Extra hand wheel is provided for easy loading of punch die sets. Standard Model.

How do I select a fill cam in compression?

The fill cam should ideally be 1-2 mm larger than the actual fill depth in order to reduce weight variability and product loss. As an example, if you were to estimate a fill depth of 10.5 mm and your weight cam options were 7 mm, 11 mm, 15 mm, and 19 mm, you would select the 15 mm fill cam.

What is the principle of AWC(auto weight control) in compression machine?

AWC is working on the principal of compaction force controller. AWC is maintain weight in refrance through Compaction force. Is This Answer Correct? what is the principle of AWC (Auto weight control) in compression machine…

How does AAWC work?

AWC work on the principal of Compression force. In this first we set the machine on lower fill weight against the standard limit of the product and observe the avg. compression force. Similarly set the machine for higher fill weight and observe the avg. compression force.

How does a tablet compression machine work?

In the tablet compression machine main principle is compressing of the upper and lower punch in a die hole, the hydraulic pressure plays a key role. This pressure is transmitted unreduced through the static fluid. Any externally applied pressure is transmitted via static fluid to all the direction in same proportion.

What is the metering procedure for tablet compression?

Metering: The metering procedure for the tablet compression procedure involves removal of excess granules from the compression machine. At this stage, the required weight (volume) of granules to be compressed into tablets is controlled by the height of the lower punch in the die and the height…