What is an example of vague?

What is an example of vague?

The definition of vague is something unclear, hazy or uncertain. An example of vague would be directions to a house that don’t include street names.

What is a vague word or phrase examples?

Common vague expressions include:

  • and that kind of thing and stuff like that.
  • and that sort of thing and stuff.
  • and that type of thing and so on.
  • and things like that and this, that and the other.
  • and the like.

What does it mean if someone is vague?

A vague person is not able to think clearly, or gives an impression of not thinking clearly in order to hide their real thoughts: My aunt is incredibly vague – she can never remember where she puts things.

What does it mean if a word or phrase is vague?

Updated September 10, 2018. In speech or writing, vagueness is the imprecise or unclear use of language. Contrast this term with clarity and specificity. As an adjective, the word becomes vague.

How do you know if a sentence is vague?

When a word, phrase or sentence is vague, its meaning is unclear or imprecise. Vague statements often beg a follow-up question.

How do you identify vague words?

Vague words are weak words that lack a solid definition. They either have definitions that mention the lack of specificity or contain many definition entries that vary in meaning (slang not included). Strong words have one or two (three at the most) solid definitions that are similar to each other.

How do you use vague?

Vague sentence example

  1. She rolled her eyes at the vague response.
  2. He was vague to say the least.
  3. I don’t have a vague recollection of either game.
  4. The plan was vague on detail, leaving them wondering what to do next.
  5. If the answers to your questions sound vague , ask for clarification.

Why do people become vague?

Common physical causes for vague symptoms include allergies, infections, chronic diseases, psychological disorders, or the use of alcohol or other substances. Other factors, such as difficulty sleeping or malnutrition, can lead to vague symptoms.

What is a vague sentence?

not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed: vague promises. indefinite or indistinct in nature or character, as ideas or feelings: a vague premonition of disaster.

What are examples of vague pronouns?

A vague pronoun is a pronoun for which it’s not clear which noun is its antecedent. In other words, you can’t tell which word the pronoun is replacing. For example: Examples When the car hit a tree, it made. a terrible noise. More examples Always refer clearly to a pronoun!Don’t be vague or ambiguous.

What is the adjective for vague?

Adjectives for vague include vague, vagueish, vaguer, vaguest, vaguish, vagued and vaguing. Find more words at wordhippo.com!

What is vague language?

Vague language is language that talks about something without directly saying what it is. Avoid vague language in your essays whenever possible, since it makes your ideas more difficult to follow. In speech or writing, vagueness is the imprecise or unclear use of language. Contrast with clarity and specificity.