What is an 8 letter word that starts with B?

What is an 8 letter word that starts with B?

8-letter words starting with B

baalebos baalisms
bacillus backache
backband backbeat
backbend backbite
backbond backbone

What are some words with the letter B?


  • baals.
  • babas.
  • babel.
  • babes.
  • babka.
  • baboo.
  • babul.
  • What are some good B words?

    Complete List of Positive Words That Start With B

    • Baby.
    • Backbone.
    • Backer.
    • Backup.
    • Bada bing bada boom.
    • Badass.
    • Badassery.
    • Balance.

    What is a 4 letter word that starts with B?

    4-letter words starting with B

    baal BAAM
    banc band
    bane bang
    bani bank
    Bann bans

    What are words with Z?

    4 letter words that start with z

    • zafu.
    • zags.
    • zany.
    • zaps.
    • zarf.
    • zeal.
    • zebu.
    • zeds.

    What is a good word that starts with R?

    List of Positive Words that Start with R

    • Radiant.
    • Ready.
    • Real.
    • Refreshing.
    • Reliable.
    • Remarkable.
    • Reputable.
    • Resilient.

    Can You Lay Down 12 letter words in your favorite word game?

    As satisfying as it might be to lay down 12 letter words in your FAVORITE word game, the truth is those opportunities are few and far between. For STARTERS, you only have 7 letter tiles in your rack, so you’d need to build on 5 letters that are already on the board and in the right order to play a 12 letter word.

    What are the highest Scrabble® Words with 8 letters?

    First, a bit of a sobering truth. Theoretically, some of the highest scoring Scrabble® words with 8 letters include PIZZAZZY (49 points) and ZYZZYVAS (44 points). To say something is pizzazzy is to describe it as full of spirit and vigor.

    Are there any 8 letter words with no vowels?

    You’ll certainly find several 8 letter words with K, like AARDVARK, REINVOKE and KILOBARS. There are also plenty of words with 8 letters using V, like AVENGERS, INVENTED and VAPORIZE. Unfortunately, there are no 8 letter words with no vowels. If we exclude Y as a “sometimes” vowel, the longest words without vowels include “tsktsks” and “crwths.”