What is a lighting yoke?

What is a lighting yoke?

Yokes. A theatrical stage lighting yoke is the bracket that holds on to each side of the light and gives you a center point to then put a “C” clamp on to be able to hanging the unit on a pipe. –

What are the 4 parts of a theatrical lighting control system?

A modern stage lighting system consists of a few main parts- consoles, fixtures, distribution/dimming, and cabling.

What are theatre lights called?

Lantern: Though you may simply hear them referred to as lights or lighting fixtures, the lighting units used in stage lighting are also commonly called lanterns. In Europe, the more common term is luminaire.

What is a lighting rig in theatre?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ˈlighting rig noun [countable] a structure that holds the lights for a stage in a theatre, at an outdoor concert etcExamples from the Corpuslighting rig• We carry a lighting rig as big as Lollapalooza.

What is a yoke mount fixture?

Yoke mounts are used to place lighting fixtures on outdoor walls or other flat surfaces so they can project illumination around an area. This mounting is ideal for businesses looking to improve exterior illumination and security.

What are par can lights used for?

PAR Cans are the most widely used light for concerts, clubs, and theatrical lighting. PAR cans come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes; from the minuscule PAR16 to the 1000 watt PAR64 cans.

What is DMX lighting?

DMX is an acronym for Digital Multiplex. It is the standard digital communication protocol that is used to remotely control intelligent lighting fixtures.

What are non LED stage lights called?

When we talk about conventional lighting, we’re typically referring to halogen lamps and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Although old-fashioned when compared to new-fangled LED lights, conventional lighting remains popular largely due to its strong light output and low cost.

What is boom lighting?

Boom equipment is put in place to hold lights, backgrounds, microphones, and cameras, or camcorders for sound and image production. Boom lights placed properly can produce spotlight, warming or cooling, ambiance, or dramatic effects in photo and video.

What is a vertical lighting pipe called?

For all general theatre, television and entertainment lighting applications 1.5 inch Schedule 40 steel pipe is used almost exclusively. Schedule 80 pipe is used where additional strength is required. This pipe is also used in the construction of vertical lighting booms, lighting towers and lighting ladders.