What is a high muggle area?

What is a high muggle area?

A ‘muggle’, in Geocaching terms, is a non-Geocacher, a person not playing the game, and usually not aware of Geocaching. Often times, especially in urban areas, Geocaches are placed in high-traffic areas where there are a lot of muggles around.

How do I find a geocache travel bug?

To visit the Bug’s page, either go to the cache page for the geocache where you found the Bug and look for the Trackable in the inventory list, or visit the Travel Bug home page and use the search tool. To use the search tool, enter the tracking number in the supplied box and click the search button.

Is Ron Weasley a Muggle?

Ronald Bilius “Ron” Weasley (b. 1 March, 1980) was a pure-blood wizard, the sixth son of Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley(née Prewett). Ron also became a Gryffindor prefect and a Keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch team during his fifth year at Hogwarts. …

What does baby Muggle on board mean?

Muggle-born (No-Maj-born in the United States), once known as Magbobs and also known by the pejorative Mudblood, were expressions referring to witches or wizards who were born to two non-magical parents.

What do you do with a geocache travel bug?

It also doubles as a way for the user to locate the personal web page for the Travel Bug. Travel Bug Trackables are tracked with the help of users who go online and ‘grab’ them from caches, or receive them from users.

How do you hide a geocache?

How to hide your first geocache

  1. Find at least 20 caches. Variety is the spice of geocaching.
  2. Read the guidelines.
  3. Take the hider quiz.
  4. Choose a great location.
  5. Choose a great container.
  6. Set it up!
  7. Communicate with your reviewer.
  8. Maintain your geocache.

What are TBs in geocaching?

Trackable. A tag with a unique code that can be attached to an item. The trackable is then carried from cache to cache (or person to person) in the real world, and its progress can be followed on Geocaching.com. Also known as Travel Bugs, TBs, and GeoCoins.

What do I do when I find a geocache?

Go to geocaching.com to choose one of millions of geocaches hidden worldwide. Use your smartphone app or GPS to navigate to the cache. Keep an eye out so you can spy the cache’s camouflaged hiding place. Once you find the cache, sign the logbook, exchange one item and put everything back like you found it.

What do you leave in a geocache?

10 Trinkets You Can Put In A Geocache

  • 10 Small Compasses. Chances are that the place you are looking for the geocache is somewhere you and other searchers have never been before.
  • 9 Trading Stones.
  • 8 Keychains.
  • 7 Kid’s Meal Toys.
  • 6 Disposable Rain Ponchos.
  • 5 Jewelry.
  • 4 Coins.
  • 3 Toy Soldiers.