What is a good analogy for flagella?

What is a good analogy for flagella?

The Flagella are like the mall shopping carts because you use them to move your items around throughout the store, just like Flagella whose job is to move things around the cell. The Cilia are like the advertisement flyers for the mall because it keeps the mall in business, just like the Cilia keep the cell moving to.

What would the flagella be in a house?

Flagella/ Stairs and Hallways The vacuole stores nutrients and food. It also stores waste products like a trash can in a house. The flagella gives directions while stairs and hallway give you directions on which way to walk.

What would the flagella be in a school?

The Flagella is comparable to an elevator in a school because it propels people up and down in school. The cell wall surrounds and protects the cell. This can be compared to the outer brick walls of the school because they surround and protect the school. Lysosomes are like janitors.

How is the flagella like a car?

The main function of the flagella is to propel the cell foreword by “swimming”. It also can have sensory functions such as sensing chemicals and temperatures outside the cell. To swim, flagella utilize ATP to wiggle back and forth. In a car, the wheels make the car move.

What are some cell analogies?

Cell Analogy Project Ideas

  • Cells are Like Schools. The hard exterior of a school building keeps it standing like a cell wall does in a plant cell.
  • Cells are Like Cities.
  • Cells are Like Cars.
  • Cells are Like Zoos.

What is a good analogy for chromosomes?

A chromosome stores information. A chromosome is like a flash drive or a book because they store information.

What is a vacuole analogy?

An analogy for a vacuole is that a vacuole is like a water storage tower. A vacuole stores water for the plant cell, along with minerals and salts. …

What is an analogy for cilia?

CILIA are like tiny hairs all ove the outside of the cell that help it move around, they are like the stairs and elevators all over a factory. There are a lot of them to help keep the cell moving. The NUCLEUS holds all the important knowledge in a cell and protects it from the enzymes in the chloroplast.

What is cilia like analogy?

Cilia is similar to an elevator in a school building. Elevators are exterior ways of movement that extend from the building or plasma membrane.

What is an analogy for a plant cell?

A plant cell is like a restaurant The walls of a restaurant are like a cell wall’s because the walls protect the restaurant from weather conditions, and give the building shape. The cell wall also gives shape, reinforces and protects the other organelles in the cell.

What are good analogies for cells?

What is the cell wall analogy?

An analogy for the cell wall is that the cell wall is like an outer wall along a castle (enclosed compound). The cell wall is a rigid outer barrier…