What is a 2006 Liberty dollar worth?

What is a 2006 Liberty dollar worth?

The 2006 W silver eagle with the burnished finish is worth around $75 in uncirculated condition. The 2006 W proof silver eagle is worth around $50 in proof condition. Lastly the 2006 P reverse proof silver eagle is the most rare and valuable series. This coin is worth around $160 in proof condition.

What is a Walking Liberty silver dollar worth?

All Walking Liberty half dollars are 90% silver, so even in very poor condition they are generally worth more than $10 per piece. As illustrated above, Walking Libs that are key dates and/or are in uncirculated condition can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What year is the most valuable Silver Eagle?

The most valuable Silver Eagle is a 1999 PCGS graded MS70 Silver Eagle. It was the first to sell at auction for over $13,000! Certainly, an extraordinary amount for this coin in perfect condition.

Where is the mint mark on a 2006 Silver Eagle?

Be sure to check and see if you have a proof 2006 American Silver Eagle. A proof coin has a W mint mark under the left side of the eagle. The letter W signifies that the proof coin was minted in West Point. Collectors call these 2006-W ASEs.

How much is a 2007 uncirculated American Eagle silver dollar worth?

The 2007 W burnished silver eagle is worth around $42 in uncirculated condition.

How much is a 1986 silver eagle worth?

The current spot price of silver is $22.53 per ounce as of December 04, 2021. Therefore $22.53 is the current melt value of this coin. The 1986 silver eagle with no mint mark is worth around $50 in uncirculated condition.

What are the key dates for Walking Liberty half dollars?

The key dates are the 1916-S, the trio of coins from 1921 (1921, 1921-D, and 1921-S) and the 1938-D coin. The 1921-S in the top grade of MS66 (with only two examples graded by NGC) runs about $250,000, second only to the 1919-D as the most expensive high-grade coin of the series.

Are Walking Liberty half dollars a Good Investment?

These coins are sometimes referred to as “junk silver” because they are in circulated condition, but make no mistake: they are a wise investment, indeed. If you put away a paper $100 bill in 1965, you’d still have $100; but a roll of pre-1965 Walking Liberty half dollars is now worth many, many times that!

Are older silver eagles worth more?

The older the coin, the more time value that is attributed to the coin. Sometimes, age makes a coin more valuable than its younger counterparts, but this is not always the case. For instance, a 1986 Silver Eagle NGC MS70 is worth less than a 1999 Silver Eagle NGC MS70, even though the 1999 is not as old.

Are Silver Eagles worth anything?

The currency “face value” of a one ounce American Silver Eagle is one U.S. dollar. However, Silver Eagles are worth close to their intrinsic metal value. General shortage or surpluses of Silver Eagles in the marketplace can affect their worth as related to pure investment grade bullion.

How can you tell if a Silver Eagle is real?

A genuine silver eagle weighs 31.101 grams. (The forger also got the diameter wrong. This fake eagle measures 38.86 mm rather than the 40.6 mm it should.) The weight of a coin is something that forgers almost always get wrong.

How much is a Walking Liberty coin worth?

Intermediate coin collectors with an appropriate budget would find this series quite enjoyable. The Walking Liberty half dollar is a coin issued by The United States Mint from 1916 until 1947 and has a face value of fifty cents.

What is the value of a silver Walking Liberty Coin?

Movements in silver and collector demand place Walking Liberty half dollar value at $9.45 each. This minimum value is a worn coin and follows changes in silver prices. Using a step by step method judges higher condition and identifies scarce date and mintmark combinations.