What happens at the end of the Sign of Four?

What happens at the end of the Sign of Four?

By the end of the story the criminals are either dead or arrested, and Miss Mary Morstan and Watson are engaged to be married.

What is the message given by novel The Sign of Four by Sherlock Holmes?

Central to The Sign of Four is the idea of wealth and opulence—the Agra treasure at the heart of this Sherlock Holmes story represents a life-changing amount of riches. The book asks whether this kind of wealth equates to happiness, and whether it is right to pursue wealth at all costs.

Why did Jonathan Small leave the message sign of the four on Bartholomew’s body?

The reason he sent the letter is that Bartholomew has found the treasure and possibly Thaddeus and Mary might confront him for a division of it. However, the iron treasure box is empty; Small claims to have dumped the treasure over the side during the chase.

How does Conan Doyle present the relationship between Holmes and Watson in The Sign of Four?

Conan Doyle uses Holmes’ companion, John Watson as a narrator. Watson’s viewpoint allows us to share his wonder at Holmes’ skills as a detective. We trust Watson and feel sympathetic towards him. He is softer than his companion and his voice offers insight into the story as well as his own character.

Who interrupts the chat between Sherlock and Watson in the novel The Sign of Four?

The entrance of the landlady, Mrs. Hudson, bringing the calling card of Miss Mary Morstan interrupts the chat between Sherlock and Watson.

What does Mary Morstan in the novel The Sign of Four receive every year in the mail?

Miss Mary Morstan appears early in the novel and brings two mysteries to Sherlock Holmes. The first is the puzzle of her missing father and the second is a series of strange gifts of beautiful pearls that she has received annually for the past six years.

Is Jonathan small a villain?

Type of Villain Jonathan Small is the main antagonist of the 1890 Sherlock Holmes novel The Sign of Four written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

What was the name of the wooden legged man?

Jonathan Small (The Wooden-Legged Man) Character Analysis. Jonathan Small is the wooden-legged man who seeks vengeance on Major Sholto for the theft of the Agra treasure. He is one of “the four” original men who acquired the treasure.

What kind of relationship do Holmes and Watson have?

Relationship Between Holmes and Watson. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have been seen as the ultimate partners for as long as they have been in print. Their relationship is far deeper than anything that meets the eye; they mean more to each other than just a business partner or friend.

How is the relationship between Holmes and Watson presented?

For in relation to what we might today call emotional intelligence, Watson is streets ahead of Holmes. If Holmes provides the head of this relationship, it’s Watson who supplies the heart. Watson’s romantic attachment to Mary Morstan makes him a more recognizably human character than the great detective.

What does Norbury meaning Sherlock?

Educator since 2019. 1,842 answers. At the end of the story, Sherlock says to Watson that if he ever gets too confident with a case or too complacent, that Watson should whisper the word “Norbury” in his ear. Sherlock says that he will be “infinitely obliged” to Watson for remembering to do this.