What happened in Act 2 Scene 4 in Macbeth?

What happened in Act 2 Scene 4 in Macbeth?

In Act 2, Scene 4 of Macbeth, Ross and an old man discuss some of the strange events they’ve witnessed. Macduff joins them, informing the two that King Duncan’s two attendants are the ones who killed him. Ross then goes to Scone to see Macbeth’s coronation, and Macduff goes back home to Fife.

What happened in Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 4?

Summary: Act 2, scene 4 Benvolio has learned from a Montague servant that Romeo did not return home; Mercutio spouts some unkind words about Rosaline. Benvolio also relates that Tybalt has sent a letter to Romeo challenging him to a duel. Mercutio disdains all that Tybalt stands for. Romeo arrives.

What news does Macduff Act 2 Scene 4?

Summary: Act 2, scene 4 Macduff emerges from the castle and tells Ross that Macbeth has been made king by the other lords, and that he now rides to Scone to be crowned. Macduff adds that the chamberlains seem the most likely murderers, and that they may have been paid off by someone to kill Duncan.

Where is Duncan’s body?

Duncan’s body has been buried at Colmekill, with those of his ancestors.

What does the nurse do in Act 2 Scene 4?

The Nurse is to collect a rope ladder from Romeo so that he can climb to Juliet’s window to celebrate their wedding night.

What did the witches tell Macbeth in Act 4?

In Act IV, the witches summon apparitions, their “masters,” to give Macbeth the predictions. The first apparition tells Macbeth to “beware Macduff” and then disappears. Macbeth essentially says ‘thanks for the warning. The second apparition appears and tells Macbeth that “none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth.” (IV.

What happens to all of those in Macduff’s castle?

What happens at Macduff’s castle? -Ross tells Macduff that Macbeth has runaway. -Lady Macduff and son are killed. List three reasons why, according to Lady Macduff, her husband has fled to England.