What does the average person do 14 times a day?

What does the average person do 14 times a day?

Answer: Passes gas According to a list of ‘Facts You Don’t Know About Passing Gas’… The average person releases gas 14 times per day . . . or 17 quadrillion times over the course of your life. And vegetarians do it more than the rest of us.

What does an average person do 22 times a day?

The average American does this 22 times a day in their home… what is it? The answer… Open the fridge!

What does the average person do five times a day?

1011 News – The average person does this 5 times a day. What is it? ANSWER: Frown | Facebook.

What is done 13 times a day?


Question Answer
What does the average person do 13 times a day? laugh
What does the average American do 22 times a day? open the fridge
Washington Police Officers get ½ an hour class in how to do what? sit down
The llama belongs to the family of animals commonly called what? CAMELS

How much free time does average person have?

A new RAND Corporation study finds that Americans average more than 5 hours of free time each day, with men generally having a bit more free time than women.

How many times a day does an average American open the fridge?

Did you know the average person opens their fridge 15-20 times a day?

How much does the average person laugh in a day?

The average adult laughs 17 times a day while a child laughs 300 times a day. There is a reason why we have always heard that laughter is the best medicine.

How long is an average person’s day?

That’s especially where screen time is concerned. The average person spends over 3 hours a day engaging with some sort of screen for leisure — not work. That’s a ton of time that could be put to use elsewhere.

What does the average person do everyday?

The survey shows that the average American (over the age of 15) works around four and a half hours per weekday, while getting over eight hours of sleep and enjoying nearly five hours of leisure. On the other hand Americans do work longer hours than Europeans.

How many times a day does a person open the fridge?