What does one case mean?

What does one case mean?

in one case – on one occasion; “once I ran into her”

What is sale price?

A sale price is the discounted price at which goods or services are being sold. This price is usually offered for a limited period of time, typically to spur sales during a slow period or to sell off excess inventory. The discount is advertised as a percentage reduction from the normal list price.

What is street pricing?

The street price is what the manufacturer guesses to be the average price retailers are able to sell the product at. Meaning, it is the actual product price that dealers across stores are locking in while selling your product.

What is a list price in accounting?

List price can be defined as: Catalog (full) price of an item before any trade discount is deducted. The list price is generally the full.

What is case slang for?

get / be on someone’s case, Slang. to bother or nag someone; meddle in someone’s affairs: Her brother is always on her case about getting married. have a case on, Slang. to be infatuated with: He had a case on the girl next door.

What does case stand for?


Acronym Definition
CASE Computer-Aided Software Engineering
CASE Council for Advancement and Support of Education
CASE Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland)
CASE Compressed Air System

What is the difference between list price and cost price?

List price is usually the highest price a consumer will be charged at retail or online except in the case of low supply, high demand, added value or seller inflation. Cost price is the total amount of money that it costs a manufacturer to produce a given product or provide a given service.

What does I got a case mean?

have a case (against someone or something) To possess a significant amount of incriminating evidence (against someone or something), as could be presented in court. With her testimony, now we really have a case.

What does taking your case mean?

To be constantly nagging, harassing, or annoying someone. My boss has been on my case all week to get that report done. I’m sorry for being on your case about it, but I need an answer soon.