What does Madame Hoo do in The Westing Game?

What does Madame Hoo do in The Westing Game?

Madame Hoo turns to burglary in order to get to know her neighbors, stealing objects beloved by them in order learn more about them, feel more connected to them, and understand their lives.

Who is guilty in the Westing Game?

Sam Westing is not actually dead, so it turns out that no one actually killed him. Rather, he disguises himself as Sandy McSouthers throughout the game. Sam Westing fakes his death to bring all the heirs close together and realize their potential.

What happens to Madame Hoo at the end of the Westing Game?

But when we see her at the end of the book as the confident English-speaking Sunny, who’s running a successful business by herself and takes a trip back to China on her own steam, we’re pleased for her—she overcame the odds and finally became comfortable in a strange land.

What did Madame Sun Lin Hoo steal?

She can usually be found cooking in her husband’s restaurant. There is a rumor going around Mr. Hoo married her because of her 100-year-old sauce recipe. Although she is an heir, she stole items around Sunset Towers and was planning on selling them so she can buy a trip back to China.

Who Won The Westing Game?

Several years after that, Turtle stays with Sandy/Westing (as Eastman) while he really dies. She finally wins the prize and goes to play chess with her niece Alice.

Who has turtle Kicked In The Westing Game?

Barney Northrup
Chapter 25: Westing’s Wake Revelations come out about Sandy; he had a bruise on his shin, but Turtle says the only person she kicked that day was Barney Northrup.

Who was the bomber in Westing Game?

Angela Wexler
Angela Wexler is the bomber in The Westing Game. She sets off a series of bombs to vent her frustration over her upcoming marriage.

Who does Judge Ford think Mrs Westing is in Chapter 22?

The judge realizes that the only possible player who could be Mrs. Westing is Crow. Chris shows the judge a flock of geese flying, which makes her drop her papers. When she picks them up, she realizes that the wax figure looked like a picture of Westing from fifteen years ago, so no one knows what he looks like now.

How is Doug Hoo related to Sam Westing?

Doug Hoo is the son of James Hoo. He’s one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs.

How did turtle solve the Westing Game?

Ultimately, after discovering the true identity of Sandy McSouthers—and the fact that Sam Westing created four aliases for himself based on the directions of the four winds—the logical and enterprising Turtle wins the Westing game, but she doesn’t tell any of the other players that she’s solved the puzzle.

Who is the fourth in the Westing Game?

Sam Westing, Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers (west, notth, south). Now she was on her way to meet the fourth identity of Windy Windkloppel. She could probably have figured out the address, too, instead of looking it up in the Westingtown phone book — there it was, number four Sunrise Lane…

Is Turtle The bomber in the Westing Game?

At dinner in the Chinese restaurant, Turtle keeps listening to the stock market, until the second bomb goes off. Turtle and Flora buy stock based on their clues. At the third, bridal shower bombing, Turtle realizes Angela is the bomber.

What did Mr Hoo Sue Sam Westing for?

At first, Mr. Hoo thought it meant Turtle because turtles swim in seas and Grace thought it meant apartment 4C, but Mr. Hoo lives there. Later, they thought it meant E.J. Plum because purple fruited could be made in to purple-fruited ed like Ed Plum. Mr. Hoo sued Sam Westing for the invention of the disposable paper diaper.

Why did Madame Hoo turn to burglary in the Westing Game?

Madame Hoo turns to burglary in order to get to know her neighbors, stealing objects beloved by them in order learn more about them, feel more connected to them, and understand their lives. Jake Wexler, Madame Hoo’s partner in the Westing game, is the only person who treats her as an individual rather than a stereotype.

What does Mr Hoo do for a living?

Mr. Hoo lives in apartment 4C. He complains that the coffee shop owned by Mr. and Mrs. Theodorakis is stealing his business. Mr. Hoo is also an inventor. He listed his position as inventor. He also runs a restaurant called Hoo’s on First. Mr. Hoo and Grace Wexler’s clues are FRUITED, PURPLE, WAVES, FOR, and SEA.

How did Madam Hoo know what was in the room?

Madame Hoo knew from the shifting eyes that a bad person was in the room. She was the bad person. They would find out soon. The crutch lady had her writing-book back, but all those pretty things she was going to sell, they wanted them back, too. She would be punished. Soon. (24.9)