What does it mean to memorialize a person?

What does it mean to memorialize a person?

Word forms: memorializes, memorializing, memorializedregional note: in BRIT, also use memorialise. transitive verb. If a person or event is memorialized, something is produced that will continue to exist and remind people of them.

How do you use memorialize in a sentence?

Memorialize in a Sentence 1. On Veteran’s Day, citizens will memorialize the soldiers from our country who died fighting by attending parades. 2. To memorialize your deceased pet, owners can now get their ashes placed in an urn with a picture of their pet on the front of it.

What memorialized ideas?

Ideas for Memorializing a Loved One Outdoors, In a Public Place, or Other Area

  • Name a park (or similar space) after them.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Commission a statue.
  • Plant a memorial garden.
  • Donate a memorial bench.
  • Memorial releases.
  • Memorial pictures.

What do you say to someone to memorialize?

Consider incorporating the following phrases when deciding what to say at a funeral:

  • “I’m so sorry about your loss.
  • “Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss.”
  • “[The deceased] was a wonderful person and I’ll miss them very much.”
  • “My name is [your name] and I worked with [the deceased] for several years.

How do you memorialize a parent?

Plant a memory tree or a private or public memorial garden in their name. Make a memorial for your loved one in your home. Write a poem about your loved one and your feelings about them. Record memories by creating a video of their life or by documenting the funeral or memorial service.

Can you memorialize a living person?

They take many shapes (from church services to cookouts to full-blown parties at local bars) and go by many names (living memorials, life celebrations, healing services), but they have one thing in common: the person being honored is present — and may even take an active role.

What does it mean to memorialize an agreement?

Memorialize means to observe, especially by putting in writing.

What is another word for memorialize?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for memorialize, like: commemorate, record, remember, memorialise, immortalise, immortalize and commemoration.

How do I memorialize my best friend?

  1. Have a memorial release with balloons or butterflies.
  2. Look through old photos with friends and family.
  3. Plant a tree, shrub, or flowers and visit it.
  4. Donate to their favorite charity.
  5. Eat or cook their favorite food.
  6. Write them a letter, poem or song.

How can I officiate a celebration of life?

What to Say in a Speech or Eulogy During a Celebration of Life Event

  1. Share origin stories.
  2. Detail your loved one’s most beloved qualities.
  3. Share favorite stories and memories.
  4. Talk about their legacy.
  5. Describe your loved one’s family.
  6. Tell everyone what your loved one would have wanted them to know.
  7. Add quotes or poems.

Who speaks at a celebration of life?

If your loved one was religious, you may opt to have a minister or pastor take on the main speaking role. As for others, family members and friends may want to speak and share their thoughts and feelings.