What does dichotomy mean?

What does dichotomy mean?

Full Definition of dichotomy 1 : a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities the dichotomy between theory and practice also : the process or practice of making such a division dichotomy of the population into two opposed classes.

What is a dichotomy example?

Dichotomy is defined as a sharp division of things or ideas into two contradictory parts. An example of dichotomy is grouping mammals by those that live on land and those that live in water.

What is the opposite of dichotomy?

Opposite of a division or contrast between two things. agreement. harmony. likeness. sameness.

What is another word for dichotomous?

What is another word for dichotomous?

bipartite forked
diverging furcate
furcated separated
bifid cleft
tridented bifurcated

What does Dichotomously mean?

1 : dividing into two parts. 2 : relating to, involving, or proceeding from dichotomy the plant’s dichotomous branching a dichotomous approach can’t be split into dichotomous categories.

What does Contriety mean?

1 : the quality or state of being contrary. 2 : something contrary.

What is the difference between a dichotomy and a paradox?

The essential difference between these two concepts is that a dichotomy separates two items into two groups or subsets. A paradox, also separates words into two groups, but each group has an opposite meaning. This means if one is true the other word is false.

What is a Dichotomist?

v. di·chot·o·mized, di·chot·o·miz·ing, di·chot·o·miz·es. v.tr. To separate into two parts or classifications. To be or become divided into parts or branches; fork.

What is congruity?

Definition of congruity 1 : the quality or state of being congruent or congruous. 2 : a point of agreement.

What is social dichotomy?

The dichotomy between the rational (or cognitive) on the one hand. and the social on the other structures both (1) the disagreements between. the practitioners of the social and cultural studies of science and the phi- losophers and (2) the constructive (or deconstructive) accounts they all. offer of scientific …

What is a synonym for multifaceted?

Multifaceted synonyms The definition of multifarious is a variety of many different parts. In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for multifaceted, like: all-around, many-sided, , ability, same, versatile, multifarious, , protean, multidimensional and null.

What is dichotomous relationship?

dichotomous Add to list Share. If something’s dichotomous, it’s divided into two distinct parts. It can describe a plant whose leaves pair off in opposing buds or anything — a government, a relationship — that has two divisions that are sharply opposed.

What is it called when you put things together?

add. verb. to put something with another thing or group of things. aggregate. verb. to put things together in a group. align. verb. to organize things so that they form a straight line or are in the correct position in relation to other things.

What is the difference between cell division and mitosis?

How Cells Divide. Each of these methods of cell division has special characteristics. One of the key differences in mitosis is a single cell divides into two cells that are replicas of each other and have the same number of chromosomes. This type of cell division is good for basic growth, repair, and maintenance.

How many cells are formed when a single cell divides?

A single cell divides to make two cells and these two cells then divide to make four cells, and so on. We call this process “cell division” and “cell reproduction,” because new cells are formed when old cells divide.

How do you combine like terms and remove parentheses?

To combine like terms, add or subtract the coefficients. The common variable factors give us the variables in the answer. The distributive property also allows us to remove parentheses. To remove parentheses, multiply the factor outside the parentheses by all the terms inside the parentheses, and add the products.