What does a Basler relay do?

What does a Basler relay do?

A single-phase self-powered, microprocessor-based time/instantaneous overcurrent relay that provides cost-saving overload and fault protection for generators, transformers, feeders, and motors. Available in multiple-rack, panel, and retrofit mounting options.

What does protection relay do?

The purpose of the protection relay is to detect a problem, ideally during its initial stage, and to either eliminate or significantly reduce damage to personnel and/or equipment.

What is voltage balance relay?

This is also called opposed voltage method. Hence there is no voltage drop across the relay to cause the current to flow. Under fault conditions, the currents in the two secondaries of current transformers are different.

What does Basler Electric do?

Basler is a manufacturer of excitation systems, voltage regulators, genset controls, protective relays, custom transformers, and injection molded plastic components. Basler also offers turnkey engineering services through their E2 Power Systems subsidiary.

What is a 47 device?

47 Phase Sequence Voltage Relay Functions on a given value of the negative sequence component of the polyphaser voltage. 47N Negative Sequence Voltage Relay Functions on a given value of the negative sequence component of the polyphaser voltage.

Why is a relay used in a circuit?

Relays control one electrical circuit by opening and closing contacts in another circuit. Relays are generally used to switch smaller currents in a control circuit and do not usually control power consuming devices except for small motors and Solenoids that draw low amps.

What type of protective relay is used in induction motor?

Thermal overload relay is commonly used for motor overload protection. Both act to open the motor circuit and therefore to disconnect the motor from the source of supply. HRC fuses provide very rapid short circuit protection.

Where voltage balance relay is used?

For the protection of the feeders, the voltage balance differential relays are used. The voltage differential relay uses two similar current transformer places across the protective zone with the help of pilot wire. The relays are connected in series with the secondary of the current transformer.

What are disadvantages of voltage balanced differential relay?

There are some disadvantages in the voltage balance differential relay such as a multi tap transformer construction is required to accurate balance between current transformer pairs. The system is suitable for protection of cables of relatively short length otherwise capacitance of pilot wires disturbs the performance.

What is a Basler?

Basler may refer to: an inhabitant or native of canton of Basel-Stadt, or canton of Basel-Landschaft, or Basel, Switzerland. Basler (fashion), German fashion brand. Basler (weapon), the German term for the baselard dagger.

What is a furnace transformer?

Your transformer is the part of your home’s furnace that’s responsible for increasing or decreasing the voltage of your home’s alternating current or AC. In simple terms, this part of your home transfers electric currents from one point to another.

Why choose an ES relay?

ES relays offer many high-end features not typically found in a low-cost device to provide simple, yet sophisticated, protection for your applications. Multiple DIN-rail mounting options are available. Simplify protection by covering a wide range of applications using ES relays.

Where are Basler products used?

Basler products are found in a variery of industrial applications where the availability of power is always mission critical. Refineries, telecommunications towers, factories, or any other industrial application, Basler products are the solution for the control and management of electric power.

Why choose Basler Transformers?

Basler’s wide range of products is designed to provide solutions for many industries and applications where reliable power is essential. Our Custom Transformers range in power from 5VA to 2800kVA and are manufactured in two North American facilities. Basler Plastics, LLC, is a full-service injection molding company.

What is an ESEs series protection relay?

ES Series Protection Relays provide a wide range of cost-saving options to simplify protection related to Generator, Transformer, Distribution, Process Control, Auto Transfer Schemes, and Motor applications.